7 clever campfire recipes

August 19, 2014

As summer is winding down, one last adventure may be on your calendar…a camping trip. In addition to your campfire classics- make this year especially memorable by trying out a few new dishes on your menu.

campfire recipes

These tasty offerings may even have your pickiest diners coming back for seconds!

A burger for breakfast? Yes-according to Emily of the Jelly Toast Blog. Her Campfire Breakfast Burger is actually perfect any time of the day. These delicious sandwiches start with a black pepper cheddar biscuit and are loaded up with a sausage patty and an egg.

Looking for a really quick and easy option? This Camping Quesadilla from the Cupcake Diaries Blog is your answer. Alli says to make things even simpler, prepare the chicken at home ahead of time and then all you have to do at camp is load up your ingredients, cook over the fire, and dinner is served.

Hankering for a bite between meals? Then the Campfire Spinach Dip that we found on Twin Dragonfly Designs may be right up your alley. If for some strange reason you have any leftovers just keep the foil packet close to the fire where it will stay warm and melty until everyone is ready to dig in again.

Campfire Popcorn- 3 ways…whether you like yours fruity and nutty, hot and smoky, or sweet and sticky-The Juggling Act Mama has got a recipe that you need to check out. She shares her basic popcorn recipe then shows you how to create the perfect snack to enjoy on your next camping trip.

The recipe for these Campfire Orange Cinnamon Rolls is not only clever, but sooooo easy! All you need are store-bought cinnamon rolls and 8 oranges. Here’s the cool part: the oranges are hollowed out and used as a cooking vessel for the rolls and add an infusion of orange flavor into the rolls. Want to learn more? Head over to the Oleander and Palm Blog to find the directions for this delicious breakfast.

Sometimes a new spin on an old favorite is all it takes to get the kids to come running! Take your everyday hot dogs and turn them into Spider Hot Dogs (looks like they might even cook a little faster with this method).  Take a trip over to the Naptime Creations to check out Emily’s instructions along with other suggestions for campfire cooking.

End your day with a sweet treat by making these S’More Cheesecake Campfire Cones courtesy of the Making Memories With Your Kids Blog. You wrap up these goodies in foil and heat them up until creamy and velvety.

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our kitchen picks

August 13, 2014

Has your kitchen taken a break during these sweet summer months?  Get back into the swing of things with a few of our fun kitchen picks.

814 april

I don’t have a lot of kitchen clutter but these birdies are more than welcome to nest on my counter… making them easy to grab whenever I’m whipping up tasty treats.  $28.95 for the cups & 15.95 for the spoons

eco clean deck

Since I had my kids I’ve been really into making sure everything in the house is safe for them. This deck is great because it gives me things I can do for all types of things around the house that are safe for not only my kids by myself as well. I’ve also learned that I wind up saving money because most of the things I already have around the house or do not cost much at the store. $14.99

bird spoon perch

I love this little bird roost, because it doesn’t take up space on my counter like a spoon rest. When you’re done cooking, just wash it off and toss it back in the drawer! $5.95

michigan tumbler

I’ve always loved collecting cool and unique glasses and this one would definitely be a great one to add into the mix. With all of the color and detail it makes a great gift for any Michigan lover out there! $13.95

vino venti

This easy to use device let’s me control the taste of my favorite wines. It’s a lot more effective than any aeration devices that I have used in the past. The design is well engineer, so you know you can use the VinoVinti many years to come. It also makes the perfect gift for any wine lover on any occasion! $39.95

what to eat pad

When I lived alone, I always knew exactly what was in my cupboards and rarely had trouble whipping up something to eat. It’s a lot harder with a household! With this mapped out pad of paper, we can sit down once a week and not only plan who is making what when, but draw up a list of required ingredients, making the trip to the grocery store so much simpler and quicker (and cheaper) $6.95

m measuring cups

These super cool measuring cups have been on my wish list for a while now. I love quirky items that add a fun flair to my kitchen, but it’s even better when they are functional too. This set of matryoshkas measuring cups is also great because each nesting doll cup stacks inside the others to save space on your counter or in your cupboard. These unique kitchen accessories by Fred are some of my all time favorites!  $13.95

silicone steamer

I’m a fan of kitchen gadgets that are functional & easy to store. I love how this is a colander and a steamer along with being dishwasher and microwave safe. As a veggie steamer lover with limited cabinet space, I’m sold on this eco-friendly product and you will be too! $21.95

whimsical cocktail napkins

I absolutely adore these fun Curly Girl napkins! The saying couldn’t be more true and the napkins are perfect for any occasion. Your kitchen will be a little brighter when using these! $5,50


simply soft disc

This tiny little clay disc works wonders! You can add it to a brand new bag of brown sugar and it will keep it moist or you can add it to stale, crunchy brown sugar and within a few hours it will soften it up! It is an essential product for anyone that bakes! $3,95

dog flour sack towel

catching fireflies has carried these towels for over 10 years and they are still a customer favorite. Great as a hostess gift, or for that person who has everything, or a simple thank you. Wrap up some cookies or a bottle of wine in one for that personal touch. $9.95

slow cooker recipe book

As Summer winds down and my busy Fall schedule gears up, I am anxious to get prepared for the more hectic and cool days coming. I love using a slow cooker, so I can prep my dinner before I take off for the day and can come home to something wholesome and delicious! Lots of yummy recipes in here and great suggestions on how to adjust recipes to make them healthier! $12.99

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corn-on-the-cob kicked up a notch

August 12, 2014

While I’ve never been a big fan of canned or frozen corn, corn-on-the-cob is a whole different story. There’s nothing quite like biting into a  fresh, sweet, buttery cob of corn in the summertime.

I recommend taking advantage of this delectable veggie while it is in season–who can resist? And here are a few new ways to make a good thing even better…


Just looking at this photo–you know that this side dish is bursting with flavor.  If you like a little heat, try out the Spicy Hoisin and Sesame Glazed Corn Recipe over on the BetsyLife Blog.

Talk about texture and flavor…your tastebuds won’t know what hit them once you take a taste of this Mexican Street Corn that we found on A House In The Hills.  These cobs are drizzled with a lime crema sauce and topped with cashews and cilantro.

You’ll probably want more than Just A Taste of this Cheesy Roasted Garlic Corn. In her recipe, Kelly slathers these ears with roasted garlic aioli, grated Parmesan, and a squeeze of fresh citrus.

Over on the Frugal Living Mom Blog, Jen is serving up her version of Curried Corn On The Cob. Adjusting the heat on this is easy–simply use a milder curry powder.

Have you ever even considered incorporating fresh corn into a pizza? Ashley was inspired to come up with her mouthwatering recipe for Bacon, Corn, and Caramelized Onion Pizza from her childhood when her mom used to treat her by ordering delivery pizza and renting movies on the weekends. Take a trip over to the Baker by Nature Blog, where she reminisces  about those fun times with her mother.

If you’re looking for the perfect side dish for your BBQ, your search has ended. Christine of First Home Love Life suggests  you let this Sweet and Spicy Corn Salsa sit in the fridge for a few hours ahead of time so that all of the unbelievable flavors can mix and mingle for a while–then serve it up with tortilla chips!

Silky, smooth, and creamy are the delicious details that Debi uses to describe her Fresh Summer Corn Soup. You can find the step-by-step recipe over on the her blog, Life Currents.

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