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November 12, 2014

Team catching fireflies sees their share of ornaments while unpacking, pricing, displaying and then wrapping them up again – but there are always a few that stand out from the rest…

racoon ornament

My sneaky little rogue raccoon really stuck out at me because he looks so mischievous hidden among the tree branches. I can’t help wondering, what is he up to with that sack? Is he leaving presents or making off with them?

mouse ornament

This cute little mouse just makes me laugh!

fair trade zebra ornament

Even the animals like to celebrate the holidays.  And could this fair trade zebra be any cuter to brighten your tree?!

snowman ornament

I had a different ornament picked out originally but out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing the snowman looking at me and smiling!  It made me really happy and I might of giggled a time or two… I had no choice but to pick my little friend : )

kelly rae ornament

This Kelly Rae Roberts holiday ornament has the perfect message to remind us to treasure those special people in our lives.

gnome ornament

Gnomes are my all-time favorite mythical creatures and this little wooly friend is just irresistible. His red cap and fuzzy white beard are sure to put a smile on your face. I can’t wait to hang him on my tree this year with his other woodland pals!

fox ornament

I love this little guy!  Foxes are known for being smart and this one has the glasses and book bag to fit the role – it’s too cute!!!

snowflake ornament

I’ve always loved ornaments that have an older, vintage feel to them and this one definitely has that look. I also love that it has the traditional holiday colors and I think that the bells add a nice touch. This would definitely make a great addition to my tree!

mushroom ornament

This unexpected little mushroom ornament jumped out at me amid all the more traditional snowmen and santa clauses on the tree.

bird ornament

I seem to have acquired a love of artsy birds and this colorful one will have a spot on my tree this year!

kissing crystal

Who doesn’t want to kiss under this beautiful mistletoe?

kelly rae roberts angel ornament

I have an ‘angel tree’ in my living, and this would be a perfect addition to it this year. Kelly Rae Roberts ornaments are beautiful and inspirational, just like the season

bird ornament

This cozy bird can’t wait to make his nest in my whimsical Christmas tree.

map ornament

The love of our state runs deep and this ornament is perfect for that loved one who has moved away.

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7 tasty thanksgiving side dishes

November 11, 2014

The Thanksgiving menu has been on my mind…there’s always the star of the meal, the turkey itself–but, this year it’s time to try a few new sides that tantalize the tastebuds.

thanksgiving sides

These mouthwatering recipes are sure to leave your dinner guests wanting more.

Move over hum-drum green bean casserole. There’s a new dish in town–Dijon Maple Green Beans with carmelized pecans, bacon, and feta.  Jen of Carlsbad Cravings sure came up with a winner when she created this explosion of flavors on a plate!

Another twist on a traditional side…Ashley from Spoonful of Flavor used orange and ginger to enhance the taste in her Apple Cranberry Sauce recipe. You can save time by making this one a day ahead of time!

This little gem of a dish~ Garlic-Herb Smashed Potatoes ~ is the best of both worlds…a combination of mashed potatoes and french fries. Just follow Valentina’s recipe from Cooking on the Weekends and your potatoes will be soft, yet crispy on the outside (and don’t forget to add the gravy).

While I would like to enjoy bread at every meal, I don’t. But, Thanksgiving definitely gives me the green light to go a little carb crazy and what better way than with these Pumpkin Dinner Rolls?  And even though these rolls have pumpkin in them, Karen’s Kitchen Stories promises that even the pumpkin haters will love them (there’s no pumpkin flavor…the ingredient just gives the rolls a nice color). Serve them up with apple butter or honey.

I’m all about easy when it comes it cooking, so it seemed fitting to include this recipe for Super Simple Glazed Carrots.  Seriously–4 ingredients and a pan! Thanks to Kelly at The Pretty Bee for sharing this lovely dish.

Becky from The Cookie Rookie says that her Loaded Sweet Potato Skins remind her the loaded sweet potatoes at steak places.  They’re loaded with mini-marshmallows, cinnamon sugar pecans, and honey cream cheese.  Can you say yummmmmm??

Homemade Creamed Corn in the Crockpot 1

Kelly from Mostly Homemade Mom has a warning for you…once you make her Creamed Corn in the Crockpot, there’s no turning back to canned corn again. And it only takes an hour to make this amazing side dish that’s perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!

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we’re thankful for…

November 10, 2014

Usually the first ones on the list are family and friends and we couldn’t agree more.  They are the one who make us laugh, teach us about love and make our lives worth living.


family gifts

1.  Keep those most special to you close to your heart with a sterling silver personalized necklace $50+

2.  No matter where you roam, it’s who you have beside you that makes it home.  Customize this map frame to show where you’re rooted  $28.50

3.  Tis the season for family pictures.  Capture your troop and show them off in this sweet handmade frame.  $13.95

4.  Memories are being made everyday. Stop time by capturing a few and keeping them in view with this handmade photo frame $27.95

5.  Pay it forward to family members with this great giving plate.  Fill it up with your favorite baked goods and send it off to be given to someone else $13.95

6.  If you dig deep enough through those boxes of family photos, you’re sure to come across a few funny finds.  This book has curated some of the best!  $15

7.  Put your family in print with a one of a kind sign  $24.95

8.  Come Thanksgiving, this Curly Girl cutting board sweetly sums it up  $24.95


friend gifts

1.  Does it get better than spending time with old friends (and splurging on good cheese)? $5.50

2.  Just like the sun makes days brighter, so do great friends $37.50

3.  You know it’s going to be a good time when you see this wine bottle tag $10.95

4.  Some of the best family members are the ones you get to choose  $19.95

5.  Keep those closest to you in plain view with this handmade photo block  $13.95

6.  This handmade bud vase is a perfect reminder how special friends are in the garden of life  $23.50

7.  Frankenstein had it right when he realized friends are good.  $5.95

8.  These napkins speak the truth  $5.50

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