top travel tips for your summer getaway

June 17, 2014

Have you already booked your tickets to an exotic locale? Or are you taking to the highway for an unforgettable road trip? Either way—now is the time to get out and explore a new destination. Go somewhere you’ve never gone before, visit an old friend that has relocated, or make some new memories by traveling to see family members in another state or tips

Whatever your plan, don’t leave home without brushing up on a few travel tips from these fabulous bloggers…

We spend a lot of money on our hair care and beauty products–The Beauty Department reveals how a little square of saran wrap will save you from the disaster of spilled liquids and lotions on your next vacation.

Jen from I Heart Organizing has got it all figured out if you’re tight on space. Check out her post on maximizing space and more travel tips here.

Find out how to maximize your travel budget and get more bang for your buck by reading all the pointers that Ann-Marie shares on the Chaos Is Bliss Blog.

If you’re heading out of the country, you’ll definitely want to check out the Best Ways to Stay Connected Globally post that we found courtesy of  Hitha On The Go. You’ll really be glad you did when you’re just itching to share that instagram pic of the Eiffel Tower!


Ready to hit the road with the kids? Buying in bulk and re-packaging snack size portions is just one of the many tips that Emily from Live Renewed shares on her blog. Head here to see the rest.

Considering a cruise in the near future? Take a few moments to read up on How to Survive and Thrive on Your First Cruise.  Emily  covers everything from room selection to souvenir purchases, over on her blog–The Thinking Closet.

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celebrating best of detroit

June 16, 2014

We are honored to have been voted Best Gift Shop for 8 years in a row by the hip & happening HOUR Detroit Magazine.

best of detroit 2014

A BIG THANK YOU to our firefly fans for supporting our shops over the years and allowing us to make your days brighter.  Without faithful fans like you, we wouldn’t exist so the real award really goes to you!

best of detroit 2014

One tradition we’ve started to celebrate our win is creating a dress from the ‘Best of Detroit’ cover for one of our crazy mannequins at our Berkley location.  This year’s theme was smash hits and all photography was inspired by ‘behind the scenes’ of iconic album covers… like David Bowie’s Aladdin  Sane.  

best of detroit 2014

We also like to take this time to thank our team members who create our happy and inspiring environments every day of the week. So we invite the gals to join us at the very festive and fun Best of Detroit Party.  This is where our second tradition comes into play ~ clever invites.  In past years we have sent actual large bouncy balls, spray painted heels and even plastic wine glasses.  I always fear I will run out of ideas for happy mail, but a walk around the dollar store always spurs on new ideas…

creative invitations This year I went with something a little safer (since not all our plastic wine glasses made it to their destination last year)  These pretties were easy to put together and were good to go ‘as is’ with some help from some packaging tape.  I think this invitation concept could be fun for a variety of parties… and your guests will know it’s gonna be a good time if they get a creative invite like this :-)

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our dad’s day picks

June 11, 2014

Father’s Day is just a few days away and our firefly team picked out a few of their favorite finds for dear ol’ dad…
best dad ever frame

I absolutely love this handmade frame! Although it is appropriate for any time of the year, it is especially a perfect gift for Father’s Day. This frame is sure to make your dad smile! $27.95

burger parties book

This is a perfect gift for my father who loves to BBQ. One of his favorite things to make is hamburgers. This book is perfect because it gives him some yummy new ways to make his perfect BBQ meal! I can’t wait to see (and taste) what he will cook up first. $19.99

beer bottle cap keeper

This is a great little way for Dad to store all of his bottle caps for those beloved micro-brews. Keeps them out of the drawer and on display! And his friends might be just a little jealous when they spot the cap for that elusive bourbon-barrel aged stout they’ve been searching for! $23.95


My dad not only loves finding cool new gadgets, but he is also quite the beer connoisseur. The chillsner is the perfect marriage of both, keeping beers cool in every sense of the word. I know he’ll love this awesome Father’s Day find. $29.95

garden turtle

My dad LOVES his garden and he also loves garden art, so I am always on the lookout for whimsical pieces that he can add to his yard. These turtles are super cute and durable, so I know they can withstand the crazy mid-west weather! $13.95

dad's playbook

My dad always jokes that with 6 kids he has his own team, he is also always giving us amazing quotes to help us in our lives. This book is perfect because it combines the two for him. I’m not a big sports fan but I still find the quotes very inspiring. In fact, I just might have to get it for my brother too : ) $12.95

the great scrape

My dad doesn’t do much in the kitchen, but he does man the grill during the summer months. Now he can keep it with just a few strokes using the great scrape. Plus it made in the USA which will make him very happy. $24.95

hot sauce set

My dad passed his love off all things hot and spicy down to my brother and I, so this is a perfect Father’s Day gift! We have family competitions to see who has a higher hot & spicy tolerance! This pack works great because I am vegetarian and they are carnivores, so we can each add flavor to our dish of choice! $6.95

mastering the grill

Grilling is probably one of my dad’s favorite things about Summer. As soon as it is tolerable to stand outside for more than a few minutes he is outside firing up the grill! This book would make a great gift for him and any other dad out there who has the same love for the grill. $24.95


This would be a great gift for any Dad, husband, boyfriend, brother or friend! I know that my dad loves to fix everything and this would be a great tool to have that keeps all those little items where he needs them with easy access. $18.95

manly recipe book

This recipe book is like no other. The ingredient visuals and cooking instructions are easy and fun to read. Spelling out the calories, fat, carbs, sodium, etc., is an added touch letting you know the healthy choice you’re making. If your man likes to BBQ and needs some new ideas for that grill of his, this is a great gift. As “Detroit News” described it; “Dude, this cookbook is for you.” $15.99

new dad gift

This year for Father’s Day my brother is getting a baby! With a teenager, a pre-teen, and a toddler already at home, his and his wife’s hands are pretty full already, but this new baby will be welcomed by a generous and loving family. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a new life? $14.95

dear dad book

Need a gift that your child can give to dad? This gift is perfect for children to express their feelings about dad in a fun creative way. Dad will cherish this gift for years to come. Imagine looking at this book 20 years from now?! Ah, the memories! $9.95

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