7 sweet strawberry recipes to tempt your tastebuds

June 24, 2014

It’s time to take advantage of one of the great gifts of the season, strawberries! Since I was a kid, these juicy berries have always been my favorite fruit–so I am always on the lookout for a new way to enjoy them.strawberry recipes

Here’s a sampling of some of the delicious fare I came across in my search…

This Baby Kale and Strawberry Salad is just right for a light lunch or dinner.  You’ll find the complete list of ingredients for this easy-to-make salad over on the Eating Bird Food Blog.


While I’ve never attempted in the past to make any type of homemade jam, Heather from French Press may have sold me on the idea with her recipe for 10 Minute Strawberry Jam.  According to her it’s kid approved and the best part yet, it’s made in the microwave!

Now you know, we can’t have a strawberry recipe post without some kind of pie…this Strawberries and Cream Pie is a delicious alternative to the traditional. If you love chocolate-covered strawberries, this one is for you (there’s an Oreo cookie crust and chocolate drizzled on top). Head to the Butter With A Side Of Bread to get the full recipe.

Did someone say Cannoli Strawberries?  Yes, and I’ve died and gone to heaven! Lori  reveals her recipe for these scrumptious treats over on the blog, Foxes Love Lemons.

Looking for a new strawberry cake recipe? Erin baked this Strawberry Almond Skillet Cake for her wedding anniversary celebration (her original wedding cake was also strawberry).  She recommends enjoying it with a cup of coffee or big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Believe it or not, you can make this impressive Triple Berry Tart with Coconut Cream in 30 minutes. Heather from Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes explains how to prepare this dessert using store bought puff pastry–it’s a real life-saver and will save you lots of time and clean-up in the kitchen :)

Cool off on a summer night with the sweet taste of Strawberry Margarita Sorbet. This frozen dessert comes complete with a little kick of tequila and lime. Ready to break out the ice cream maker?  Click here to find the recipe on Erica’s Sweet Tooth Blog.

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2014 travel gift guide

June 23, 2014

Whether your calendar is filling up with weekend trips up north, road trips to a few states away or you are flying off to some place fantastic… we have a some terrific travel finds for you.

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Planning Your Adventure

fun gifts for travel lover

1.  Don’t wait to go on a trip of a lifetime until you’re too old!  $11.99

2.  Experiencing other cultures is a great way to expand your horizons (and also can give you a good laugh)  $15

3.  Put your future globe trotting dreams on paper in this funny & inspriring travel listography book $16.95

4.  Who knew so many mysteries & oddities are right in our own neck of the woods?!  $19.95

5.  Haven’t decided where to go yet?  This best of list will give you some great ideas!  $19.99

6.  This book could turn your 3 star trip into a 5 star experience with all its super helpful tips & advice $14.95

Preparing to Pack

travel lover gifts

1.  Do you have scary stuff growing in your toothbrush travel case?  Keep it simple & clean with this clever     toothbrush protector  $6.95
2.  Keep your jewelry organizied & safe in this useful & pretty travel pouch  $15.95

3.  Check the back of your hair & spot hiding poppy seeds with this lovely little mirror  $3.95

4.  Stash your ibuprofen for unexpected headaches in this compact and cute pill box $4.95

5.  Need to share a bathroom for a week? Might want to grab a bottle of poo-pourri $9.95

6.  Don’t sweat about forgetting something with the use of this helpful ‘pack this’ pad $6.95

Road Trippin’ With the Kids

road trip gifts for kids

1.  Create fabulous family memories during your time together away from normal life $14.95

2.  Bring back a slice of entertainment from the 70′s with this classic water game $13.95

3.  Spark memorable conversations that may never have happened without the help of chat pack $10.95

4.  Take a break from the electronics and go old school with these fun girl & boy activitiy books $12.99

5.  Silly stories and an English class refresher in one!  A classic way to pass the time  $6.99

6.  Remember fashion plates?  This compact version is perfect for back seat fashionistas $9.95

More Fun Travel Finds

618 travel other goodies

1.  Keep you car smelling fresh with some help from your guardian angel  $8.95

2.  A curly girl quote is sure to add some inspiration to your luggage $12.95

3.  Be green and pack smart with this zippered tote that fits perfectly under an airline seat.  $16.95

4.  Slip one of these small nail files in your carry on for any hang nail emergencies  $5.95

5.  Document your trip and save your ticket stubs during your adventure  $14.95

6.  You won’t have to worry about running out of power mid-flight when you have this power bank $19.95

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top travel tips for your summer getaway

June 17, 2014

Have you already booked your tickets to an exotic locale? Or are you taking to the highway for an unforgettable road trip? Either way—now is the time to get out and explore a new destination. Go somewhere you’ve never gone before, visit an old friend that has relocated, or make some new memories by traveling to see family members in another state or country.travel tips

Whatever your plan, don’t leave home without brushing up on a few travel tips from these fabulous bloggers…

We spend a lot of money on our hair care and beauty products–The Beauty Department reveals how a little square of saran wrap will save you from the disaster of spilled liquids and lotions on your next vacation.

Jen from I Heart Organizing has got it all figured out if you’re tight on space. Check out her post on maximizing space and more travel tips here.

Find out how to maximize your travel budget and get more bang for your buck by reading all the pointers that Ann-Marie shares on the Chaos Is Bliss Blog.

If you’re heading out of the country, you’ll definitely want to check out the Best Ways to Stay Connected Globally post that we found courtesy of  Hitha On The Go. You’ll really be glad you did when you’re just itching to share that instagram pic of the Eiffel Tower!


Ready to hit the road with the kids? Buying in bulk and re-packaging snack size portions is just one of the many tips that Emily from Live Renewed shares on her blog. Head here to see the rest.

Considering a cruise in the near future? Take a few moments to read up on How to Survive and Thrive on Your First Cruise.  Emily  covers everything from room selection to souvenir purchases, over on her blog–The Thinking Closet.

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