2015 valentine gift guide

February 6, 2015

Looking for a thing or two to surprise your sweetie, friend or kiddo this February?  We believe any excuse to celebrate LOVE is always a good thing.

celebrating couplehood

valentine gifts for your sweetheart

1.  ‘Carve’ your initials and add your special date to this sweet and just a tad sappy handmade photo block $17.95 (also comes in non-personalized version for $14.95)

2.  Wear your love around your neck with this custom sterling silver hand-stamped necklace $68

3.  These happy birdies know two are better than one  $7.95

4.  This marvelous mini journal is destined to be a keepsake once filled in with all the reasons you love your one and only mate  $9.95

5.  Start your Valentine’s Day off with a healthy heart shaped breakfast $6.95

6.  Commemorate a special date with a metallic print of vintage cash register keys $49.95

7.  Take one of your favorite filtered photos off your phone and showcase it on a handcrafted frame $27.95 (can also be personalized for an extra $3)

8.  Liven up your Valentine dinner with some fun quiz questions for each other $5.95

9.  Are you and your mate like peanut butter and jelly?  Profess your love with this clever sign 14.95 for wooden postcard

great galentines

galetine gifts

1.  Celebrate the sweet souls in your circle that get you through this rollercoaster of life  $14.95

2.  Faithful friends are worth their weight in gold and this magnet sums it up perfectly $5.50

3.  Any gal could use some extra pampering and this shower burst will do just that $4.25

4.  If you’re navigating the murky waters of a relationship or still searching for the one, let this inspiring pewter compass lead the way  $17.95

5.  Have you kissed too many frogs who didn’t turn into prince charming? Lighten the mood with these silly magnetic frog salt and pepper shakers $13.95

6.  Hugs always help, even if you aren’t a fan of this heart holiday $12.95

7.  Just coming off a bad break-up?  Take out your frustration with a few whacks of this dammit doll $13.95

8.  Cozy up with your favorite warm beverage and get ready for some girl talk with this hand-crafted hug mug  $21.95

love for the littles

valentine gifts for kids 1.  Has a new little one stole your heart this Valentine’s Day  $5.50

2.  Stay cozy and warm with a big cup of pink hot chocolate $1.95

3.  The best accessories are cute, sweet and edible $.50

4.  Fill this book out and give it to your kiddo for a valentine to remember $10.95

5.  Keep hugs and kisses on display all year long with this handmade photo block  $14.95
6.  Let your kiddo know they make your world colorful and sweet just like fruitstripe gum $1.95

7.  You rock valentine!  $1.25
8.  This heartfelt book gets flipped and turned around making it a love story that never ends $16.99

my furry valentine

valentines gifts for pet lovers 1.  This hand-crafted photo block is a purrrfect place to put your kitty’s picture  $13.95 (also available in dog)

2.  Let everyone know you love your dog with this sweet car magnet  $8.95

3.  Invite dogs to your dinner table with these cute kissing salt and pepper shakers $13.95

4.  If your furry friends could talk…  (also available in dog version) $9.99

5.  We think the Beatles may have forgot the end of their chorus…. and a cat  $12.95 (also available in dog)  

6.  These adorable and unbelievable stories are sure to melt your heart $13.95

7.  Does your pooch a key to your heart? (also availbale in cat version)  $7.95
8.  Pull a picture of your pooch off your phone and place it in this fancy frame  $13.95 (also available in cat)

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cupid-approved recipes for valentine’s day

February 2, 2015

Love is in the air! It’s the season of sharing your heart–whether it’s with your better half or someone that is special to you.

heart shaped treats

Here are a few irresistible sweet and savory ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day….

Alison from Pint Sized Treasures took a classic childhood dessert and turned them into Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats. Make them portable by just adding a stick…and voila!, you’ve got a Rice Krispie Pop.

Here’s the perfect appetizer if you’re opting for a quiet romantic dinner at home. Check out Beth’s  scrumptious recipe for Mozzarella Cheese Filled Hearts with Red Pepper Pesto. All of the deliciousness without the long wait at the restaurant!

heart cookie

Can’t decide between candy or cookies?  Domestically Speaking shows you how to offer a little bit of both with these pretty stained glass cookies.  

Melt the heart of your favorite chocolate lover by serving up these delectable Cream Filled Chocolate Heart-Shaped Cakes. Carrie from Worth Pinning was inspired to come up with these tasty treats based on her memory of a favorite goody that she enjoyed as a child.

Delight your darling on Valentine’s Day this year with this marvelous Chocolate Bread Pudding with Raspberry Sauce. For the ultimate in decadence, Samantha of Five Heart Home says to serve this while it’s warm and straight out of the oven and top with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

For a heart-y main course, check out Arena’s recipe for Mini Heart Pizzas (topped with heart shaped pepperoni, of course). These single-serving pizzas are also very kid-friendly!

Sophistimom makes ordinary chicken soup extra special by adding these lovely carrot hearts to the mix.

If quick and easy is the name of your game…Emily Grace has the perfect recipe for you. Two ingredients are all that it takes to whip up these Heart Shaped Cherry Pies.  You’ll find the whole scoop on her blog, Grace & Good Eats.

These Heart Shaped Soft Pretzels with Pink Sea Salt are a great alternative to a traditional box of chocolates. Sarah from Say Yes suggests wrapping them up along with a jar of fancy mustard and a bear of honey for dipping and you’ll be sure to thrill your special Valentine.

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careful you

January 31, 2015

These hipsters from Brooklyn have me hooked on their hypnotic tune, Careful You and I can’t get the catchy chorus out of my head.

tv on the radio

Take a listen and see if you start singing  – “Don’t know How I feel What’s the deal? Is it real? When’s it gonna go down? Can we talk? Can we not? Well I’m here Won’t you tell me right now? And I’ll care for you Oh, careful you

Don’t know Should we stay? Should we go? Should we back it up and turn it around? Take the good with the bad Still believe we can make it somehow I will care for you Oh, careful you Careful you”

A review reads, “Careful You is comparably measured, an electronic pulse forming its central spine for lyrics en français to sing of long-held love, of learning the “secret of a kiss”. It’s a tender but oddly cold number, open but distant, like the photo of a loved one just out of focus.”

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