6 superb turkey sandwich recipes

November 24, 2014

There’s a lot of buildup  leading up to the big Thanksgiving meal, but I must admit…my favorite part of the whole holiday are the leftovers. In the days that follow, being able to open the fridge and graze through the delicious dishes that aren’t normally there  is a real treat!

turkey sandwich recipes

Here are a few scrumptious ways to turn that leftover turkey into a great lunch or dinner…

“Fall in a bite”…that’s how Gina from Running to the Kitchen describes her Turkey Cheddar Apple Butter Panini. The super melty cheese is a delicious contrast to the crispy crunch of the apples and bread.

Check out Leah’s creative use of ingredients in her Double Decker Apricot Turkey Sandwich. She incorporates cream cheese which keeps this amazing sandwich in the low calorie range. You’ll find the full recipe on her blog, So How’s it Taste?

Turn that leftover turkey into a warm sandwich with an Italian flavor! Click here to get the tempting recipe for a Turkey Pesto Panini–courtesy of Vicky from the Avocado Pesto Blog,

If you prefer wraps over sandwiches, then this Turkey Hummus Spinach wrap is right up your alley. The spicy red pepper hummus gives this satisfying meal an extra kick of flavor. Head over to My San Francisco Kitchen to get the full recipe.

Here’s another great sandwich that has an amazing explosion of flavors. Brandie from Home Cooking Memories created her Cranberry and Pecan Turkey Panini with Bacon Spread starting with a base of turkey salad–then added cranberries and pecans to complement the flavors.

Only 250 calories? We know it’s hard to believe but that’s the calorie count on this mouthwatering Turkey and Tomato Panini that Rachael shares on her blog, Spache the Spatula. Fresh basil and parmigiano reggiano make this a sandwich you won’t soon forget!

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54 fun finds for guys

November 22, 2014

We do love our guys but aren’t they a hard bunch to buy for sometimes?  That’s why we do our best to seek out silly, clever and functional finds that will get your guys grinning this season.

The Guy Who Has Everything

gifts for guys who have everything

1.  Say goodbye to wire brushes and create a custom grill cleaner with this great scrape  $24.95 

2.  Your guy can always be the Macgyver in sticky situations when he keeps this very handy pocketmonkey in his wallet  $12.95

Whether your guy is on the search for the best beer, best view, best fishing, or best bungee jumping, this interesting and educational book covers it all $19.99

4.  This great guide belongs on every guy‘s book shelf.  It’s a good go-to for making a perfect martini, giving a great massage, basic car maintenance and even horse betting.  $9.95

5.  Be ready for any last minute formal event in a flash with this classic bowtie.  $8.95

6.  Finally, art guys can appreciate!  Create a custom sign for your guy’s man cavegarage or office starting at $18.00

Super Stocking Stuffers

guy stocking stuffers

1.  Say goodbye to cracked hands with this all natural skin stick  $7.95

2.  Ever wish you could zap the people you don’t like with a space gun?  Well, look no further ~ now you can with this silly sounding keychain  $4.95

3.  Why not mark all your must-read pages with mustaches? $14.95

4.  Crunch, snap, shape and fiddle with this addictive twiddle stress releiving desk toy  $10.95

This telescoping back scratcher will take care of any afternoon itch… perfectly sized to keep in an office desk or night stand  $7.95

6.  This addictive putty is fun for play, relieving stress and giving your hand a work-out.  It’s infused with a fine metal substance that magically attracts to the included magnet  $15.95

7. This working pewter compass of the world was made for the wanderlusts on your list.  $17.95

8.  Have your man smelling super fine with this handsome hand crafted soap  $5.95

The Guy That Likes a Good Laugh

funny gifts for guys

1.  Keep a few of these trick golf balls on hand for some extra fun on the green.  $ 3.95 each

2.  Give your guy a good laugh & make your bathroom smell better with this hilarious Heavy Doody toilet spray Simply spray it into the toilet before you do your business & it’ll keep unpleasant odors at bay  $9.95

3.  Your family members may think twice before they devour dad’s favorite chips when they see this silly googly eyes bag clip  $3.50

4.  Every charming & funny guy always needs a few jokes in his back pocket.  Add to his library with this chock full book of clever jokes. $9.95

5.  It doesn’t matter how old they are… boys love farts  $10.95

6.  This funny and heart warming read will bring big grins to guys worried about their oldness  $10.95

The Guy That Likes a Good Beer

gifts for beer lovers

1.  Showcase your favorite beer caps with pride in this clever shadow box $23.95 (back in stock next week)

2.  Keep your brew nice and chilly with the help of this insulated glass $17.95

3.  If you rather keep it in the bottle this fun freaker will insulate it fashionably  $10.95

4.  Keep your bottled beer icy cold to the very last drop when you use a chillsner  $29.95 set of two

5.  If it has anything to do with beer, it is in this book.  A great addition to any beer lover’s library. $15.95

6.  Let your friends really know your views on this tasty beverage with these funny coasters $18.95

The Guy That Likes Interesting Books

guys who like fun books

1.  Have a little fun poking fun of both parties with this funny read  $9.99

2.  Ever wonder what a bathroom looks like in China, India, Iceland or Japan?  You don’t need to wonder anymore with this must have bathroom literature  $9.95

3.  Coolness graphed is a most clever take on what is cool and not cool about suits, zombies, ponytails and more $12.95

4.  History just got a lot more interesting with this tell-all read $16.95

5.  Life flies by pretty fast.  Inspire your guy to make the next 5 years amazing  $15.95

6.  Calling all fans of trivia… this chock full book of interesting facts was made for you  $12.95

The Guy That Can’t Get Enough Bacon

gifts for bacon lovers

1.  Deck the halls with boughs of… bacon?  Yes-sir-ee, we have bacon for your tree.  A must-have addition to any bacon lover’s ornament collection.  $7.95

2.  Work bacon into your menu from appetizers to desserts with this bible for bacon lovers everywhere  $14.95

3.  Bacon lovers may never use regular mayonnaise on their sandwiches ever again after they try this tasty option.  $6.95

4.  Just sprinkle a bit of this magical salt and add that amazing bacony taste to just about anything.  $4.95

5.  Who said flossing isn’t fun?  Have you tried using bacon flavored floss?  $4.95

6.  If your guy is riding the bacon bandwagon, these toothpicks would be a great addition to his collection of meat flavored oddities.  $2.95

The Guy That Plays Bartender

gifts for home bartender

1.  Style up your space with a few funny pooch brew signs  $21.95

2.  Four out five doctors agree these silly shot glasses are the best cure for your ails  $21.95 set

3.  Make your liquor store list on this cheeky notepad $5.95

4.  Add this ultimate 10 in 1 cocktail tool to your arsenal and you will be able to craft any drink $29.95

5.  Next, you just need a library of recipes and your guests will be uber impressed  $14.95

The Guy That Likes Fun and Games

gifts for guys who like games

1. Your guy might not be able to golf year round but he can still putt around with this campy mug $12.95

2.  How does your husband rate?  This fun quiz book is full of curious questions you could ask all the married guys at your holiday gathering.  $5.95

3.  How manly is your dad?  Have fun finding out by having him take this test full of questions like:  (multiple choice)            A bear is about to attack you. You should…  and (True/False) Your chances of surviving a plane crash improve 40%           by sitting towards the front. $12.99

4.  Is your pop a movie buff?  Test his knowledge with this artful & fun movie puzzle book $14.95

5.  Impress your waitress or turn cash gifts into clever creatures with this creative dollar bill origami book $5.95

Grandpa Already Has Everything

gifts for grandpa

1.  Be entertained while feeding your backyard wildlife with this super silly squirrel bungee feeder $15.95

2.  Take the frustration of remembering all your passwords by keeping them in this handy log  $7.95

3.  Give your lobes a workout and keep your mind young with this helpful read $8.95 

4.  Grandpa has lots of stories..  Encourage him to share some of them in this journal that is sure to turn into a family keepsake once filled  $11.95

5.  Give grandpa a jump start on his new season of life with this inspiring book $15.95

6.   This simple mug tells it like it is. Fill it with his favorite beans for a sweet gift from the kids $14.95

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how to turn a bottle of beer into an amazing appetizer

November 18, 2014

That bottle of brew sitting in your fridge isn’t just good for drinking. Beer can add lots of flavor to a recipe.

beer recipes

So, just in time for Turkey Day weekend – here are a few delicious recipes to serve up while everyone is watching football.

These Beer BBQ Meatballs that we found on Sweet & Savory by Shinee are sure to be a hit. Check out her recipe which includes complete instructions on making her homemade meatballs.

If you’re up for enjoying “little slices of heaven”, then head over to The Cottage Market-where you’ll find the recipe for Beer Battered Fried Pickles with Sriracha Dipping Sauce.  Andrea describes this treat as hot and spicy with just the perfect crunch.

Cheese and bread…my two favorite food groups : )  If you’re also feeling the love, then this Beer Dip from Try Anything Once has your name written all over it. Another reason to love it…any leftovers make a great sandwich spread.

You can start these Guiness Braised Short Rib and Cheddar Sliders a day ahead of time, then just heat and assemble them with the finishing touches before you serve them up.  Mary Kay from Homemade Cravings adapted this recipe for the slow cooker, but says you can also create this delightful dish on the stovetop using the low setting.

If you’re a fan of the cheesy bread at your local pizza place, then you’ll definitely want to try Tessa’s recipe for Cheesy Garlic Beer Breadsticks on Handle the Heat. Her take on this appetizer?–“The beer flavor is subtle yet when paired with garlic and cheese it is heaven on your tongue”.

The recipe for this Beer Caramelized Onion & Artichoke Dip was inspired by Cassie’s new paint color for her kitchen walls: Caramelized Onion. Find the full recipe on her blog, Bake Your Day.


If buffalo wings aren’t your thing, give these Chili Lime Beer Chicken Wings a try.  Jackie from The Beeroness certifies this tasty dish as one of her official “football watching foods”.

Like to mix up your recipe collection?  We love finding & sharing fun treats. Don’t miss out on our future finds… simply sign up to receive these blog posts in your email in box.

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