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November 10, 2014

Usually the first ones on the list are family and friends and we couldn’t agree more.  They are the one who make us laugh, teach us about love and make our lives worth living.


family gifts

1.  Keep those most special to you close to your heart with a sterling silver personalized necklace $50+

2.  No matter where you roam, it’s who you have beside you that makes it home.  Customize this map frame to show where you’re rooted  $28.50

3.  Tis the season for family pictures.  Capture your troop and show them off in this sweet handmade frame.  $13.95

4.  Memories are being made everyday. Stop time by capturing a few and keeping them in view with this handmade photo frame $27.95

5.  Pay it forward to family members with this great giving plate.  Fill it up with your favorite baked goods and send it off to be given to someone else $13.95

6.  If you dig deep enough through those boxes of family photos, you’re sure to come across a few funny finds.  This book has curated some of the best!  $15

7.  Put your family in print with a one of a kind sign  $24.95

8.  Come Thanksgiving, this Curly Girl cutting board sweetly sums it up  $24.95


friend gifts

1.  Does it get better than spending time with old friends (and splurging on good cheese)? $5.50

2.  Just like the sun makes days brighter, so do great friends $37.50

3.  You know it’s going to be a good time when you see this wine bottle tag $10.95

4.  Some of the best family members are the ones you get to choose  $19.95

5.  Keep those closest to you in plain view with this handmade photo block  $13.95

6.  This handmade bud vase is a perfect reminder how special friends are in the garden of life  $23.50

7.  Frankenstein had it right when he realized friends are good.  $5.95

8.  These napkins speak the truth  $5.50

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6 clever ways to count your blessings

November 4, 2014

How do you count your blessings? It’s the time of year to give thanks for all things (big and small) that we appreciate in our daily life.  Remembering and noting the gifts that we are given often mean more if you actually take the time to put it down in writing.

gratitude journals


Here are a few cool ways to create your own reminder of what really means the most to you…

Melissa from Lulu The Baker took a few mini composition books and turned them into beautiful Gratitude Journals that take only 5 minute to make! Only 2 materials needed to make these: the composition books and your choice of patterned paper.

Want something with a more rustic feel? The gals over at The Chic Site took a plain brown paper journal and with a few stamps, ink and some ribbon–transformed it into a unique Gratitude Journal.With your choice of tools and colors-the customization possibilities are almost endless.

Ellen from Confessions of an Overworked Mom took a few brown lunch bags, paper, and ribbon and crafted this charming DIY Gratitude Journal. You can make this as simple or elaborate as you’d like.

Here’s a great idea for Thanksgiving…this easy to make Gratitude Journal serves as both a place card for your guest and a great journal for them to use throughout the year.

Corina turned a deck of cards into a cute Gratitude Journal (52 cards in deck means one card for each week, with a line for each day provided). Head here to get all the details on this fun project.

If you’re ready to go BIG with this idea, then take a trip over to the Tried and True Blog where you’ll find all the instructions and printables that you’ll need to create this Thanksgiving Gratitude Calendar. Vanessa says that she originally made this for the Thanksgiving season, but her family loved it so much that it ended up staying around for the whole year.

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What’s For Dinner?

November 1, 2014

Looking to mix up the same old dinner line up?  Pick up one of our recipe books and add some new tastes to your table.  I’ve made and blogged about a number of the recipes featured in these books if you want to do a test drive too.

recipe books

1.  These easy-peasy creamy chicken crock pot tacos from 200 Slower Cooker Creations  have earned a regular rotation in our dinner line up $12.99

2.  Grab more slow cooker recipes from 50 Simple Soups.  Who can say no to this potato broccoli cheese number this time of year?  $16.99

3.  You can forego the store bought frosting or traditional butter and sugar mix when you add this fabulous frostings book to your collection $19.99

4.  Bacon lovers… you have found your tribe with Bacon Nation $14.95
5.  Take this simple lunch to the next level with Grilled Cheese Please.  This French twist we made is perfect for the fall season.  $16.99

6.  No need to wait for a party to indulge in cake with Mug Cakes.  We treated ourselves to these single serving caramel apple cakes just last week.  $22.99

7.  Muffin tins can be used for so much more than what they were designed for.  We whipped up these fish tacos for a frest twist on a mid week meal.  $15.99

8.  Who’s says pancakes are only for breakfast?  Expand your options and tastebuds with this tempting book  $21.99

9.  Make the most of America’s favorite comfort food with Mac and Cheese Please  $16.99

recipe books

1.  Mexican can be made so many creative ways with Salsas and Tacos  $12.99

2.  Popcorn takes this snack way beyond your traditional popcorn balls & standard seasonings $19.95

3.  Save some cash and create your own bar at home with Girls’ Night  $10.95

4.  Diets don’t have to be boring when you keeps things fresh with 200 Salads $12.99

5.  Get inspired to stuff tortillas with so much more than cheese with QuesadillasWe tried two different styles that were super scrumptious  $14.95

6.  Looking for even more things to do with tortillas?  This title is for you $12.95

7.  Hate how much slow cooker meals make?  Create two different menus at the same time with this clever take on crock pot cooking $19.99

8.  Find the best recipes from a variety of home spun cook books in Michigan with this title.  We loved eating up the grilled zucchini boats  $16.95

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