secret santa gift guide

December 1, 2014

Do you have a co-worker of friend to surprise this season?   Line up some sweet, silly and useful gifts that will have them wondering who is the gift guru behind the scenes.

under $5

secret santa gift ideas

1.  Who couldn’t use a positive message from this cute pocket mirror?  $3.95

2.  Add a little glam to your holiday style with trendy temporary gold tattoos  $4.95
3.  Spread some cheer with a seed of happiness $2

4.  Get you jingle on with this colorful and happy ring  $3.95

5.  Take note ~ You’re not delusional… you just need a little extra caffeine  $4

6.  This mini laser gun will help take out any of your annoying enemies  $4.95

7.  Keep your lips soft, smooth and tasting like chocolate with this brownie balm  $2.95

8.  Keep your important pills hidden away in this hilarious giant pill case  $4.95

9.  Take on your headache with a little help from some steamy aromatherapy  $4.25

10.  The iconic taste of Fruit Stripe gum will transport you to your childhood instantly  $1.95

11.  Clown noses have a magical way of lightening any mood  $4.95

under $8

secret santa gifts

1.  Impress waiters and friends with you dollar bill origami skills $5.95

2.  Take the stress away with this spin shivering head tingler  $7.95
3.  Wear jewelry that makes a difference with these fair trade bracelets  $5.95

4.  Say goodbye to dry hands with this all natural citrus lotion that smells fabulous  $5.95

5.  Showcase your favorite holiday photos and cards with these cute maget pic clips $7.95

6.  Grab a little inspiration from Curly Girl all year long with this sweet small calendar  $7.99

7.  Treat your most dry spots with this healing all natural lavendar skin stick  $7.95

8.  Keep your nails looking nice on the go with this pretty emery board set  $5.95

9.  Never forget another password again with some help from this great logbook  $7.95

under $13

 secret santa gifts

1.  Take your nervous energy out on this addicting twiddle  $10.95

2.  This dish towel is a good reminder that wine is your friend during the holiday season  $9.95

3.  A most funny and practical way to keep your bathroom smelling sweet  $9.95

4.  Keep your car smelling spiffy with this sweet air freshener set  $8.95

5.  This magical melting snowman is entertaining for young and old alike  $9.95

6.  Make a wish and send it to the heavens with this magical wish paper $10.95

7.  This pocketmonkey will turn you into a Macgyver!  $12.95

8.  More malleable putty that relieves stress and changes colors as you play with it  $11.95

9.  This soy candle makes the season smell extra sweet $9.95

under $20

secret santa gift ideas

1.  Never tire of sending the same notecard when you have 20 different pics to choose from $14.95

2.  Stay warm, stylish and still be able to access your smart phone with these comfy gloves  $19.95

3.  Keep a photo of your favorite place or person nearby to help you get through those not-so-fun days $13.95

4.  Finally a coffee cup that expresses how one feels in the morning  $13.95

5.  Tape dispensers don’t come any cuter than this snazzy snail  $16.50

6.  Everyone has those dammit doll days now and then!  $13.95

7.  Celebrate all the little awesome things that make this world a happy place to be  $16

8.  Ever have one of those days you need a WHOLE bottle of wine?  Here is the glass for it $16.50 

Still looking for more?  SHOP ALL SECRET SANTA GIFTS HERE

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6 mocha recipes to warm your heart and soul

November 29, 2014

Looking for a quick pick-me-up? A delicious mocha fits the bills whether it’s your morning starter or a nice indulgence in the afternoon. There are quite a few variations on this classic drink.


Now you can skip the coffee shop once in a while and try a few of these at home thanks to these fellow bloggers…

If you love the combination of salty and sweet flavors, check out Carissa’s recipe for a Salted Caramel Mocha on her blog-Pretty Hungry. The added saltreally brings out the flavor of the other ingredients.

Calling all coconut lovers! Sandra from Sandra’s Easy Cooking used coconut oil to create her Coconut Mocha Latte. It’s sure to be a real treat for your tastebuds.

mocha Make way for this rich and velvety Creamy Triple Chocolate Mocha created by Alexandra of A Bright Eyed Baker. She includes directions for fresh whipped cream which really take this drink over the top!

Looking for low-carb or gluten free? Then head over to All Day I Dream About Food to get the scoop on how to make this Low Carb Raspberry Truffle Mocha. It will warm you right down to your toes!

Here’s one for the grown-ups…Evan from The WannaBe Chef combined Irish Cream and Amaretto to create this Hot Amaretto Mocha. You can also make a non-alcoholic version using coffee creamer along with a splash for almond extract for the younger crowd.

My favorite flavor of the season is peppermint, so no mocha recipe post would be complete without a mention of mint. Kimberly from A Night Owl Blog explains how to whip up her version here. (And don’t forget to sprinkle the crushed peppermint on top!)

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one of kind keepsakes

November 28, 2014

When you start thinking about that long list of blessings to be thankful for this season, it’s no surprise that family is usually the first few lines.  What better way to celebrate those closest to you with a personalized gift that is made just for them?

for mom

handmade personalized gifts

Put your family unit in a frame with this pretty typography graphic print $24.95

Keep your kiddos close to your heart with this hand stamped sterling silver necklace  $104 as pictured
Take that cute instagram family shot off your phone and showcase it on this handcrafted frame  $30.95

for couples

personalized gifts for couples

Celebrate an anniversary, engagement or special milestone with a custom wording on a handmade frame  $30.95

Showcase a special date in an artful way with this stunning metallic print of vintage cash register keys $49.95

Skip carving your initials into a tree and get them on this fun photo block instead  $16.95

favorite place

personalized map gifts

Keep your favorite vacation spot in plain view with a cute custom clip frame  $16.95

Where do you call home?  Mark your city with a copper heart and a photograph of your family  $28.50

What do you love most about your state?  Showcase your favorite image with this LOVE map frame $30.95

for grandma

personalized gifts for grandma

Let your grandparents know how much you love them with this one of a kind photo frame  $30.95

Let grandma count her blessings by the number of birthstones on this simple, yet stunning sterling silver hand stamped necklace  $100 as pictured

Proud grandparents can show off their grandkids with this stylish and modern print  $24.95

for pet lovers

personalized pet gifts

Remember a dearly loved pet or proclaim your puppy-love with a personalized name on this handmade photo frame $38.50  (also available in cat style)

Add a little personalized bling to your pet’s collar with a handsome hand stamped tag  $24 as pictured

Take your favorite filtered pet pic off your phone and display it in real life on this  cute handmade clip frame $16.95 (also available in dog style)


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