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6 mocha recipes to warm your heart and soul

November 29, 2014

Looking for a quick pick-me-up? A delicious mocha fits the bills whether it’s your morning starter or a nice indulgence in the afternoon. There are quite a few variations on this classic drink.


Now you can skip the coffee shop once in a while and try a few of these at home thanks to these fellow bloggers…

If you love the combination of salty and sweet flavors, check out Carissa’s recipe for a Salted Caramel Mocha on her blog-Pretty Hungry. The added saltreally brings out the flavor of the other ingredients.

Calling all coconut lovers! Sandra from Sandra’s Easy Cooking used coconut oil to create her Coconut Mocha Latte. It’s sure to be a real treat for your tastebuds.

mocha Make way for this rich and velvety Creamy Triple Chocolate Mocha created by Alexandra of A Bright Eyed Baker. She includes directions for fresh whipped cream which really take this drink over the top!

Looking for low-carb or gluten free? Then head over to All Day I Dream About Food to get the scoop on how to make this Low Carb Raspberry Truffle Mocha. It will warm you right down to your toes!

Here’s one for the grown-ups…Evan from The WannaBe Chef combined Irish Cream and Amaretto to create this Hot Amaretto Mocha. You can also make a non-alcoholic version using coffee creamer along with a splash for almond extract for the younger crowd.

My favorite flavor of the season is peppermint, so no mocha recipe post would be complete without a mention of mint. Kimberly from A Night Owl Blog explains how to whip up her version here. (And don’t forget to sprinkle the crushed peppermint on top!)

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6 superb turkey sandwich recipes

November 24, 2014

There’s a lot of buildup  leading up to the big Thanksgiving meal, but I must admit…my favorite part of the whole holiday are the leftovers. In the days that follow, being able to open the fridge and graze through the delicious dishes that aren’t normally there  is a real treat!

turkey sandwich recipes

Here are a few scrumptious ways to turn that leftover turkey into a great lunch or dinner…

“Fall in a bite”…that’s how Gina from Running to the Kitchen describes her Turkey Cheddar Apple Butter Panini. The super melty cheese is a delicious contrast to the crispy crunch of the apples and bread.

Check out Leah’s creative use of ingredients in her Double Decker Apricot Turkey Sandwich. She incorporates cream cheese which keeps this amazing sandwich in the low calorie range. You’ll find the full recipe on her blog, So How’s it Taste?

Turn that leftover turkey into a warm sandwich with an Italian flavor! Click here to get the tempting recipe for a Turkey Pesto Panini–courtesy of Vicky from the Avocado Pesto Blog,

If you prefer wraps over sandwiches, then this Turkey Hummus Spinach wrap is right up your alley. The spicy red pepper hummus gives this satisfying meal an extra kick of flavor. Head over to My San Francisco Kitchen to get the full recipe.

Here’s another great sandwich that has an amazing explosion of flavors. Brandie from Home Cooking Memories created her Cranberry and Pecan Turkey Panini with Bacon Spread starting with a base of turkey salad–then added cranberries and pecans to complement the flavors.

Only 250 calories? We know it’s hard to believe but that’s the calorie count on this mouthwatering Turkey and Tomato Panini that Rachael shares on her blog, Spache the Spatula. Fresh basil and parmigiano reggiano make this a sandwich you won’t soon forget!

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how to turn a bottle of beer into an amazing appetizer

November 18, 2014

That bottle of brew sitting in your fridge isn’t just good for drinking. Beer can add lots of flavor to a recipe.

beer recipes

So, just in time for Turkey Day weekend – here are a few delicious recipes to serve up while everyone is watching football.

These Beer BBQ Meatballs that we found on Sweet & Savory by Shinee are sure to be a hit. Check out her recipe which includes complete instructions on making her homemade meatballs.

If you’re up for enjoying “little slices of heaven”, then head over to The Cottage Market-where you’ll find the recipe for Beer Battered Fried Pickles with Sriracha Dipping Sauce.  Andrea describes this treat as hot and spicy with just the perfect crunch.

Cheese and bread…my two favorite food groups : )  If you’re also feeling the love, then this Beer Dip from Try Anything Once has your name written all over it. Another reason to love it…any leftovers make a great sandwich spread.

You can start these Guiness Braised Short Rib and Cheddar Sliders a day ahead of time, then just heat and assemble them with the finishing touches before you serve them up.  Mary Kay from Homemade Cravings adapted this recipe for the slow cooker, but says you can also create this delightful dish on the stovetop using the low setting.

If you’re a fan of the cheesy bread at your local pizza place, then you’ll definitely want to try Tessa’s recipe for Cheesy Garlic Beer Breadsticks on Handle the Heat. Her take on this appetizer?–“The beer flavor is subtle yet when paired with garlic and cheese it is heaven on your tongue”.

The recipe for this Beer Caramelized Onion & Artichoke Dip was inspired by Cassie’s new paint color for her kitchen walls: Caramelized Onion. Find the full recipe on her blog, Bake Your Day.


If buffalo wings aren’t your thing, give these Chili Lime Beer Chicken Wings a try.  Jackie from The Beeroness certifies this tasty dish as one of her official “football watching foods”.

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7 tasty thanksgiving side dishes

November 11, 2014

The Thanksgiving menu has been on my mind…there’s always the star of the meal, the turkey itself–but, this year it’s time to try a few new sides that tantalize the tastebuds.

thanksgiving sides

These mouthwatering recipes are sure to leave your dinner guests wanting more.

Move over hum-drum green bean casserole. There’s a new dish in town–Dijon Maple Green Beans with carmelized pecans, bacon, and feta.  Jen of Carlsbad Cravings sure came up with a winner when she created this explosion of flavors on a plate!

Another twist on a traditional side…Ashley from Spoonful of Flavor used orange and ginger to enhance the taste in her Apple Cranberry Sauce recipe. You can save time by making this one a day ahead of time!

This little gem of a dish~ Garlic-Herb Smashed Potatoes ~ is the best of both worlds…a combination of mashed potatoes and french fries. Just follow Valentina’s recipe from Cooking on the Weekends and your potatoes will be soft, yet crispy on the outside (and don’t forget to add the gravy).

While I would like to enjoy bread at every meal, I don’t. But, Thanksgiving definitely gives me the green light to go a little carb crazy and what better way than with these Pumpkin Dinner Rolls?  And even though these rolls have pumpkin in them, Karen’s Kitchen Stories promises that even the pumpkin haters will love them (there’s no pumpkin flavor…the ingredient just gives the rolls a nice color). Serve them up with apple butter or honey.

I’m all about easy when it comes it cooking, so it seemed fitting to include this recipe for Super Simple Glazed Carrots.  Seriously–4 ingredients and a pan! Thanks to Kelly at The Pretty Bee for sharing this lovely dish.

Becky from The Cookie Rookie says that her Loaded Sweet Potato Skins remind her the loaded sweet potatoes at steak places.  They’re loaded with mini-marshmallows, cinnamon sugar pecans, and honey cream cheese.  Can you say yummmmmm??

Homemade Creamed Corn in the Crockpot 1

Kelly from Mostly Homemade Mom has a warning for you…once you make her Creamed Corn in the Crockpot, there’s no turning back to canned corn again. And it only takes an hour to make this amazing side dish that’s perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!

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What’s For Dinner?

November 1, 2014

Looking to mix up the same old dinner line up?  Pick up one of our recipe books and add some new tastes to your table.  I’ve made and blogged about a number of the recipes featured in these books if you want to do a test drive too.

recipe books

1.  These easy-peasy creamy chicken crock pot tacos from 200 Slower Cooker Creations  have earned a regular rotation in our dinner line up $12.99

2.  Grab more slow cooker recipes from 50 Simple Soups.  Who can say no to this potato broccoli cheese number this time of year?  $16.99

3.  You can forego the store bought frosting or traditional butter and sugar mix when you add this fabulous frostings book to your collection $19.99

4.  Bacon lovers… you have found your tribe with Bacon Nation $14.95
5.  Take this simple lunch to the next level with Grilled Cheese Please.  This French twist we made is perfect for the fall season.  $16.99

6.  No need to wait for a party to indulge in cake with Mug Cakes.  We treated ourselves to these single serving caramel apple cakes just last week.  $22.99

7.  Muffin tins can be used for so much more than what they were designed for.  We whipped up these fish tacos for a frest twist on a mid week meal.  $15.99

8.  Who’s says pancakes are only for breakfast?  Expand your options and tastebuds with this tempting book  $21.99

9.  Make the most of America’s favorite comfort food with Mac and Cheese Please  $16.99

recipe books

1.  Mexican can be made so many creative ways with Salsas and Tacos  $12.99

2.  Popcorn takes this snack way beyond your traditional popcorn balls & standard seasonings $19.95

3.  Save some cash and create your own bar at home with Girls’ Night  $10.95

4.  Diets don’t have to be boring when you keeps things fresh with 200 Salads $12.99

5.  Get inspired to stuff tortillas with so much more than cheese with QuesadillasWe tried two different styles that were super scrumptious  $14.95

6.  Looking for even more things to do with tortillas?  This title is for you $12.95

7.  Hate how much slow cooker meals make?  Create two different menus at the same time with this clever take on crock pot cooking $19.99

8.  Find the best recipes from a variety of home spun cook books in Michigan with this title.  We loved eating up the grilled zucchini boats  $16.95

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7 clever kitchen tips that just may change your life

October 28, 2014

I’m always on the lookout for tips that make my time spent in the kitchen more efficient and effective.

kitchen tips

I guarantee that some of these smart shortcuts and ingenious ideas will have you saying “Why didn’t I think of that?”…

The next time you make any recipe that calls for shredded chicken just remember this terrific timesaver that we found on Blue Cricket Design. Instead of pulling out the cutting board–use the beater attachment on your Kitchen Aid Mixer and you’ll be finished in less than a minute.

Got a recipe that calls for cutting butter into flour? Katie from Good Life Eats recommends keeping some butter in the freezer, then grating it with a cheese grater. A great tip for bakers that make lots of pie crusts or biscuits.

Love garlic but not the peeling? Follow the easy instructions on The Pin Junkie and you’ll be in business in no time at all–you’ll be amazed at the easy two step process.

This technique will come in handy the next time you’re serving up pancakes to the little ones. End the battle with a fork and knife by cutting their pancakes with a pizza cutter…perfect every time! Brooklyn from Cook and Craft Me Crazy believes this shortcut is a must for every mom out there.

We all love the convenience of a non-stick spray…but maybe don’t care for the all chemicals or preservatives in it. Just 2 Sisters can show you how to make your own at home–using just olive oil and water. Extra bonus: it’s a moneysaver!

You’ve spent all that time baking a beautiful cake. Here’s the inside secret to keeping it fresh after you cut it–sliced bread and toothpicks. Wanna know how this works? Just head over to Created by Diane where you will find all the details.

Your cutting board may not be as clean as you think it is. Rachael from All Kinds of Yumm was amazed at the results when she used fresh lemon and kosher salt to disinfect hers. Head over to her blog to check out the before and after.

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mug cakes in minutes

October 24, 2014

Satisfy your sweet tooth and cake cravings quickly (and quite cutely) with a mug cake!  I whipped up this caramel apple number from our Mug Cakes recipe book for a fall evening treat.

mug cakes book Here’s what you need:

2 tablespoons of unsalted butter

1 grated apple

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1 egg

2 tablespoons milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/4 cup sugar

6 tablespoons self rising flour

pinch of kosher salt

caramel sauce

whipped cream

 caramel apple mug cake In a large mug combine the butter, cinnamon and apple and microwave for 30 seconds until butter is melted.  Whisk in egg with fork.  Stir in milk, vanilla and sugar, then add flour and salt.  Beat the batter until smooth.  Fold in the caramel sauce and divide into two mugs.  Microwave separately for 1.5 to 2.5 minutes each until risen and firm.

mug cake recipe

Top with whipped cream & caramel sauce and enjoy this warm autumn treat!

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spooky sips that will send a chill up your spine

October 21, 2014

We continue to be amazed at the creative recipes that fellow bloggers come up with–and Halloween is no exception. You’ve come to the right place whether you’re looking for the perfect Halloween Party punch or searching for a few tempting cocktails for the adults.

spooky sips for halloween

We’ve even included one liquid refreshment that will light up the night. Happy Haunting!

This drink may look gory, but it tastes amazing according to Krissy from Self Proclaimed Foodie. Her delicious Vampire Cocktail will surely get stir up some conversation at your Halloween get-together.

Amber from Dessert Now Dinner Later concocted this colorful Candy Corn Punch with the magic of “layering”. Want to learn how?-head over to her blog to get all the details.

What would Halloween be without a little Black Magic? This creepy cocktail is ghoulishly dark and is brimming with the luscious flavors of citrus and black cherries. Sound intriguing?-Adventures in Cooking has the full recipe here.

Amy from A Healthy Life for Me scared up a few spirits and created her own flavorful drink for Halloween…the Witch’s Brew Cocktail. Surprisingly, this thirst quencher has a twist of coconut and pineapple~a treat for the tastebuds!

Turn down the lights, break out a black light and wait for the excitement to begin! Head over to Girl Loves Glam to find out the secret ingredient that McKenzie uses to make this eerie version of a classic lemonade that she calls “liquid ghost drink”.

Here’s a yummy way to warm up your little trick-or-treaters after a long night of roaming the neighborhood…Halloween Hot Chocolate! Debbie of Made from Pinterest used a basic recipe of white hot chocolate, then explains how you can really get creative with your color and topping choices.

What little ghost or goblin wouldn’t like a taste of this Spooky Shirley Temple? Now that marshmallow-y peeps are available for almost holiday, it’s easy to conjure up a ghastly drink for the kiddos and that’s exactly what Kellie from Nest of Posies did (and even added in some Pop Rocks for a little extra color and excitement).

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savor the flavors of fall with a sip of sangria

October 7, 2014

Sangria isn’t just a fun, fruity  summer drink. It’s so easy to take your favorite bottle of wine and infuse the very essence of the season.

sangria recipes

Whether it’s abundant apple harvests, delicious cranberries, or a dash of tasty cinnamon–these flavors add up to a cocktail you’ll want to cozy up with….

The Effortless Chic Blog has a fabulous recipe for the Perfect Fall Sangria. Make sure that you stock up on cinnamon sticks to serve with these tasty drinks!

Christina of Dessert for Two devised this clever recipe for Sparkling Fig Sangria to serve to her out-of -town visitors. The only problem?–she can’t decide whether she likes it better served warm or cold :)

If you loved caramel apples as a kid, then here’s one you need to try…head over to The Wholesome Dish and check out Amanda’s grown up version of this childhood treat-Caramel Apple Sangria.

Here’s a recipe that you might want to tuck away for Thanksgiving (although, it will be here before we know it).  This easy-to-make Cranberry Sangria is the perfect drink to serve your guests this year. It can be made the night before and all you have to do is take it out of the fridge and let your friends go to town!

If you love lemon and lime–make sure you try this  Spiced Sangria With Citrus. Claire from The Kitchy Kitchen says that mulling spices were her inspiration when she came up with this delicious drink.

Another way to give your cider a kick is by adding some ginger brandy, white wine and club soda.  We made this for our annual neighborhood party this past fall and got lots of requests for refills.

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skip the slice and have your pie in a jar

October 1, 2014

There’s just something so cute and satisfying about individual dessert servings–all lined up and looking delicious (an added bonus: these would travel well if you need to make something for a potluck).

pies in jars recipes

Also, with these scrumptious pies in a jar–you’ll never have to worry about making a mess when you attempt to cut that first slice (am I the only one that has that problem?).  Here’s to a delicious dessert on your table tonight!

I’m not sure which appealed to me more in this recipe…Easy, No Bake or Peanut Butter! If any of these also peak your interest, then head over to Baking A Moment where you’ll find all the details on how to make your very own Easy No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie Jars.

No pie post would be complete without fruit. We found a divine recipe for Mini Peach Pies in a Jar on the Home Cooking Memories Blog. Brandie came up with a great shortcut and used fruit cups as a base for mouthwatering pie filling.

Pumpkin season is in full swing right now, so what better time to whip up these No Bake Pumpkin Pies In Jar? Lindsay from Life, Love & Sugar was inspired to come up with her own version after she enjoyed a similar desserts at various restaurants.

These Mason Jar Mud Pies can be easily made using store bought coffee ice cream, but Kelly from The Lily Pad Cottage also shares her yummy recipe for the homemade version on her blog.

I was struck by this unusual flavor combination and bet it would be wonderful…the Mini Lemon Honey Meringue Pies from Sugar and Charm sound absolutely amazing! Eden describes her recipe as a nice balance between the perfect slight tang of lemon and sweetness of sugar and honey.

This fancy little dessert-Mini Mason Jar Blueberry Pie-was baked using pre-made pie dough and homemade filling. Wouldn’t you love to serve up this delightful dish to your family or guests tonight?  The Handmade Mood has all the details here.

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