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7 recipes for a soothing soak in the bathtub

February 16, 2015

Feeling the stress of the long winter season? Winter has hit so hard in many parts of the country…now is the perfect time to wind down and enjoy a little “me” time. These  DIY Detox Bath Recipes are not only easy to make–they’re relaxing and beneficial for your body. The common ingredient in all of them, epsom salts, is rich in magnesium and is known for its detoxifying properties.

detox bath recipes

You’ll more than likely enjoy a better night’s sleep after using one of these and will wake up feel more refreshed than ever… it’s time to turn off the cell phone and try one of these tonight!


Feeling a little under the weather? A Ginger Detox Bath may be just what you need. Vanessa from Tried and True suggests soaking for at least 45 minutes to get the most benefits (and don’t forget to hydrate yourself after your bath).

We found this DIY Calming & Detoxifying Bath Salts Recipe on the Recipes to Nourish Blog. It’s loaded with lots of natural ingredients that will soothe your mind + body. One cup of this  in your bathwater is all you need to enjoy and start enjoying the benefits of your healing bath.

Adults aren’t the only ones that can reap the rewards of a detox bath. The Paleo Mama explains exactly how to flush out toxins and promote sleep and relaxation by just using the correct dosage in your kid’s bath.

Fight off an oncoming cold or flu by following the directions that we found on Beauty Bets. Hydrogen peroxide, an anti-bacterial and anti-viral, is the kick-starter ingredient in Elizabeth’s detox bath.

Ashley from Simply Designing included one of her favorite scent into her mix…vanilla! Her aromatic Bath Salts also incorporate the healing properties of baking soda and epsom salt.

Dana’s Refreshing Orange Green Tea Bath Salts are both moisturizing and contain anti-oxidants to benefit tired skin. Store this in your fridge and it will last a long time (and ready for you to rescue you at a moment’s notice).

Blah Blah Magazine has the perfect recipe for releasing super stubborn body toxins. Bele’s fragrant homemade body scrub is infused with lemon and honey–what a sweet way to relax your muscles and release toxins from your system!

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8 pretty punny valentines

February 10, 2015

You think you’re pretty punny, huh? Well, these resourceful bloggers sure are! With just a little play on words, they’ve come up with some pretty punny (and funny) valentines that you can make this year.

punny valentines


We bet they’ll be well received by your sweetie (and may even give rise to a grin or giggle)…


Really love this idea for classmates–find out how to turn a ruler into a cute valentine on the Relocated Living Blog.

Who makes your heart pop? Let them know this Valentine’s Day by treating them to a bag of microwave popcorn.  You’ll find the free printable for this cute project on Crazy Little Projects.

Your valentine will be seeing stars and enjoying a sweet snack when you hand out this DIY Valentine’s Day Card. You will find all the how-to’s for this fun project on It’s Always Autumn.

Make your point this Valentine’s Day by letting someone know that they are the “Write One”.  Get the printable for this to make your own over on The Cottage Market.

The free labels courtesy of I Heart Naptime make everything easy. Just put on of these on a loaf of home-baked banana bread or a single banana and you’re good to go!

Just look at all the clever sayings that Love, Jessica Anne came up with for her DIY Valentine Snack Jars–they all provide a clue to the treat inside!

Go for glam this year and hand out  mani/pedi supplies to all your girlfriends.  Head over to Simply Living to get the whole scoop on how to assemble this valentine that’s all about the pampering…it’s the perfect little pick-me-up.

One more valentine treat to please the tummy…if you’re gifting juice or cheese sticks this year you’ll want to take a look at Melissa’s ideas on Bless This Mess. She’s got some great alternatives if you choose to go the non-traditional candy route.

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surprise someone with sweet snail mail

January 19, 2015

Everyone loves getting mail (we’re not talking bills here!)–you know the handwritten kind. The kind that means someone actually took the time to sit down and write something special.

snail mail

In this age of technology, this is something that has definitely gone by the wayside (it’s so much easier to type out a quick email)…so, just imagine the delight on the face of your friend or family member when they open up the mailbox and discover that you’ve sent them something extraordinary !

Who wouldn’t love this sweet treat in their mailbox? Head over to 52 Kitchen Adventures to read all about how easy it is to ship cupcakes.

The gals over at Hey Wanderer can show you how to turn your old magazines into envelopes. Click here to get the scoop on this easy craft.

Your handwriting is a something that you can truly call your own. Brush up on your lettering skills before you sit down to write a note to that special someone. You can also use your fancy fonts to adorn the outside of your envelope. Diane from In My Own Style also shows you to how pick a pen and create shadows for your lettering.

Send someone the gift of soft, supple lips this winter  by making this cool note to wrap right around the lip balm itself. According to AmberLee from the Giver’s Log, you can then just drop it in the mail as is–no additional packaging required.

Did you know that you can mail a ball? Simply write your own message on it and take it to your Post Office. This delightful idea is courtesy of Allison at The House of Hendrix.  She calls it “happy mail” and we definitely agree.

Who needs an envelope when you can send a Message In a Bottle? We found this clever concept over on the Playdough to Plato Blog. Drop someone a simple note or use this cool idea for delivering an invitation to a Pirate themed birthday party.

shoe invites We’ve personally pushed the envelope (so to speak) when it comes sending bizarre things.  We like to make our firefly team smile and won’t a pink party invite on a shoe do just that?

unusual mail A pack of markers makes for easy sending too!  Who wants to cover up all the color with a brown padded envelope?

unusual mail

For inspiration we recommend walking around a thrift shop or dollar store and see what you could send.  We’ve sent frisbees, flip flops, paper plates and more.  Unfortunately not all these plastic wine glasses made (I was warned) but some did and who wouldn’t smile to find one of these waiting for them with an invite to meet a friend for some much deserved drinks?

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6 ways to spread a little sunshine

January 13, 2015

Wanna warm someone’s heart? All it takes is a small random act of kindness to remind us of all the goodness and love surrounding us everyday.

spread sunshine

If you’re game for making someone’s day–check out the cool ideas that we found from some fellow bloggers. Who knows…you may even inspire your recipient to pay it forward!

Here’s a nice big list of ideas to get you started–head over to the Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers Blog where you’ll find a list of 50 Random Acts of Kindness. (photo credit: supersonicphotos on flickr)

Send the kids on a secret mission to for an entire week! The Fickle Pickle has all the forms ready for you to print and get your little ones brainstorming on special ways to brighten someone’s day.

Meri Cherry came up with the idea of getting her class to create these Clay Hearts and then handing these unexpected gifts out to everyone! She also suggests slipping one into a purse or leaving one on someone’s keyboard as a sweet little surprise. Click here to read her whole story.

On the Find Joy In The Journey Blog, you can print the cute Random Acts of Kindness cards to leave behind. You’ll also find some more cool ideas for ways to make someone’s day.

Picture the waiting room of a hospital or an oncology office…usually not the most pleasant place to be, right? Dana thought of a way to relieve a little stress there by leaving a bowl of “hugs” there.  You can find all the details on Make Them Wonder.

Turn date night into an evening of serving others (and have a lot of fun doing it)! Imagine the look of surprise when someone walks up to rent a movie and finds the bag of goodies that you’ve made to share with them. Camille and Jacob have a whole slew of neat ideas for your RAOK Date Night on their blog, Friday We’re In Love.

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stylish succulent gardening – no green thumb required!

January 2, 2015

I have joined the succulent movement and have quite a few of these darlings in my home.  These hardy little plants need little to no care at all and are just right for indoor gardening and perfect for fairy gardens! I dug a little deeper into the history of succulents and learned that many of them originated in desert areas and are able to store water in their fleshy leaves and flowers.



If your previous plants have fallen victim to neglect–succulents are your solution! Here are just a few trendy ways to start your own sensational succulent garden…

Jessica at Mom 4 Real shares all her secrets on How to Grow and Care for Succulents.  Her best tip??–make sure you use a well draining pot, otherwise they will rot.

Make a modern version of a 70s classic…Thrifty Decor Chick will show you how to make your Succulent Terrarium. These would make a lovely table centerpiece!

Head over to Infarrantly Creative to find out how to create this Industrial Tiered Tabletop Succulent Garden that was inspired by a cupcake stand!

Another ingenious idea from Jessica at Mom 4 Real…check out her guest post on Snap Creativity where she can teach you how to turn an ordinary mason jar into a succulent planter.

Go vertical with your garden…this unique Vertical Succulent Planter takes about 2 months to get going, but as you can see-it’s well worth the wait. Take a trip over to Confessions of a Secret Crafter to get all the details.


If all green isn’t your thing, add a splash of color to your plant by incorporating some neon aquarium gravel into your container. Chelsea shares the endless possibilities on her blog, Making Home Base.


If you little plants get too big for their pots, Needles and Leaves shows you how to grow new tiny ones by simply removing the leaves from the large succulent!

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shining bright

December 23, 2014

One holiday tradition of mine is to send creative Christmas cards to all our friends, family and neighbors.  Since little Lolo has joined our troop this year she clearly had to be the star of card for 2014 since it is her very first Christmas.

The inspiration for this year’s look came from uber talented moms, Adele Enersen and Sioin Queenie Liao  (if you click on those links… I guarantee you a good smile session)   Knowing that Lolo is only going to be this little for a short time, I had to try my hand and creating her own whimsical holiday scene.

It started out with a fun fringed tree…

fringed christmas tree

Now we just needed to add some ornaments, wrapped packages, a felt star and blanket to create our silly scene.  While Adele and Sioin’s images were all captured when their little ones were sleeping, I took on the challenge of taking the shot while Lolo was awake.

christmas card idea for baby

What you don’t see is me standing on a chair saying silly things trying to get her to smile and straightening the boxes every 10 seconds… it was a good work out.  After about 70+ shots (thank goodness for digital) we got a few that were keepers.

clever christmas card envelopes

I cropped the photos to a 4×4 instagram size and made a little booklet of three double sided messages and images.  Since they were not standard size mail, I chose to send them in pretty patterned treat bags sealed with washi tape.

babys first christmas card

I also had to include a close up or two because you have to share the pure cuteness of your kiddo (because isn’t that what holiday photo cards are made for?) … and of course for wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season and bright and shining new year!

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8 holiday washi tape projects

December 10, 2014

It’s amazing what a little colorful washi tape can do to brighten up your holiday season.  Whether it’s adorning an envelope, wall or package… it’s a perfect addition that makes things a little more festive.

holiday washi tape projects

We carry a variety of pretty patterned tapes at our locations and love all these creative uses for them.

The girls from eighteen25 make popsicle sticks chic just by covering them with tape. Add some glue and magnet and you have a lovely homemade gift.

How to Nest for Less makes plain jane glass candle holders merry and bright with a just a few wraps of washi tape.


Simple clothes pins turn super cute when they are dressed up in Christmas colors.  Perpetually Daydreaming put magnets on the back of hers for displaying holiday cards, but they also could be used as a chip clips.

Packages always look prettier when they are adorned with a fun gift tag. Making Home Base shows how easy it is to give your tag that extra punch of cheer.

52 Crafts in 52 weeks makes creating handmade Christmas cards easy. If you can cute tape, you can send these simply and stylish greetings to your friends and family.

If crafting a card takes too much time, why not dress up your envelope?  I love that the girls from 2 Berry Blog used paper bags for their envelopes (and their cards are pretty stinkin’ sweet too)

You Are My Fave wrapped these pretties for a friend’s birthday, but I love the idea of taping things to the outside of presents or labeling gifts with the recipient’s initials.

washi tape tree

If you don’t have room for a tree or want to create a little Christmas spirit in your your child’s bedroom, this idea from Chen Chen is such an adorable application of washi tape!

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6 clever ways to count your blessings

November 4, 2014

How do you count your blessings? It’s the time of year to give thanks for all things (big and small) that we appreciate in our daily life.  Remembering and noting the gifts that we are given often mean more if you actually take the time to put it down in writing.

gratitude journals


Here are a few cool ways to create your own reminder of what really means the most to you…

Melissa from Lulu The Baker took a few mini composition books and turned them into beautiful Gratitude Journals that take only 5 minute to make! Only 2 materials needed to make these: the composition books and your choice of patterned paper.

Want something with a more rustic feel? The gals over at The Chic Site took a plain brown paper journal and with a few stamps, ink and some ribbon–transformed it into a unique Gratitude Journal.With your choice of tools and colors-the customization possibilities are almost endless.

Ellen from Confessions of an Overworked Mom took a few brown lunch bags, paper, and ribbon and crafted this charming DIY Gratitude Journal. You can make this as simple or elaborate as you’d like.

Here’s a great idea for Thanksgiving…this easy to make Gratitude Journal serves as both a place card for your guest and a great journal for them to use throughout the year.

Corina turned a deck of cards into a cute Gratitude Journal (52 cards in deck means one card for each week, with a line for each day provided). Head here to get all the details on this fun project.

If you’re ready to go BIG with this idea, then take a trip over to the Tried and True Blog where you’ll find all the instructions and printables that you’ll need to create this Thanksgiving Gratitude Calendar. Vanessa says that she originally made this for the Thanksgiving season, but her family loved it so much that it ended up staying around for the whole year.

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7 scary science experiments for little learners

October 14, 2014

It’s always helpful when you can incorporate a little fun with learning. Since we are in the midst of Halloween season, we thought it would be perfect to scare up a few creepy science experiments that teach as well as entertain.

spooky science experiments

These inventive experiments use mostly common household items…  so, let the spine-chilling & spooky lessons begin!

Malia of Playdough to Plato shows you how easy it is to teach the concept of a convection current with her adorable Flying Tea Bag Ghosts. She recommends using a bag that’s slightly on the thicker side (such as Tazo) for the best results.

Notice anything strange about these heads of Napa cabbage? These Vegetable Vampires have got a little capillary action going on! You’ll find this and lots of other fun experiments in Liz Heinecke’s book, Kitchen Science Lab for Kids.

You can turn a package of gummy worms into Electric Eeels! To find out the secret behind this wacky and weird experiment, head over to the Bitz & Giggles Blog where Sara tells all.

Transform your jack-o-lantern into an amazing Erupting Pumpkin with a little baking soda and vinegar. Just add your  own choice of food coloring for a spectacular show.

How can you make a paper ghost dance? With the magic of static electricity! Grab some tissue paper and a balloon, then  head over to  Inspiration Laboratories to get all the details on this fun project.

Ready to explore the different parts of the brain? You’ll find 5 Messy Ways to Play Brain Surgery on the Left Brain Craft Brain Blog.

Steph from Crafting In The Rain demonstrates how you can use Dry Ice to make a quarter dance and a hammer squeal. Sound like your kind of fun? Then definitely check out her demo videos here.

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pennants, posies and pom poms

September 29, 2014

I’ve slowly been working on some fun DIY nursery projects over the past few months to make Lolo’s nursery a wonderland of whimsy.  There is no particular theme for her room but I will say pennants, posies and pom poms are well represented.

The first project was dressing up our curtains.  I liked the look of our office curtains so I snatched up some butter colored ones and added pink pom poms to girly them up a bit.  The curtain rods are just wood dowels striped in washi tape.

diy nursery curtains

I do love the colors and textures of yarn but don’t have the patience to be a knitter so I resort to wrapping.  I got this large letter M at a crafts supply store and popped over to pinterest to learn how to make felt flowers.

diy yarn letter Big surprise ~ another yarn project.  This mobile doesn’t have sound or light, but Lolo does love watching it.  I chose the yarn based on color but the textures are all a little different which I think makes the mobile a bit more playful.  I had a general plan for this project, but decided on lengths and sizes of pom poms as I went along.  The base is a 14 inch embroidery hoop.

diy pom pom mobile

And now for the pennants… because they make everything more festive!  This fabric pack actually inspired the colors of the nursery.  I love how these fat quarter assortments have a color theme with complimentary patterns.  A perfect place to build a color story for a room.

I’m not a huge fan of sewing, which is why I love stitch witchery!  I grabbed this pattern, a sharp scissors, iron and was off!

diy pennants

Now that you’ve got the behind the scenes craft pass… stay tuned for the nursery tour tomorrow!

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