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shining bright

December 23, 2014

One holiday tradition of mine is to send creative Christmas cards to all our friends, family and neighbors.  Since little Lolo has joined our troop this year she clearly had to be the star of card for 2014 since it is her very first Christmas.

The inspiration for this year’s look came from uber talented moms, Adele Enersen and Sioin Queenie Liao  (if you click on those links… I guarantee you a good smile session)   Knowing that Lolo is only going to be this little for a short time, I had to try my hand and creating her own whimsical holiday scene.

It started out with a fun fringed tree…

fringed christmas tree

Now we just needed to add some ornaments, wrapped packages, a felt star and blanket to create our silly scene.  While Adele and Sioin’s images were all captured when their little ones were sleeping, I took on the challenge of taking the shot while Lolo was awake.

christmas card idea for baby

What you don’t see is me standing on a chair saying silly things trying to get her to smile and straightening the boxes every 10 seconds… it was a good work out.  After about 70+ shots (thank goodness for digital) we got a few that were keepers.

clever christmas card envelopes

I cropped the photos to a 4×4 instagram size and made a little booklet of three double sided messages and images.  Since they were not standard size mail, I chose to send them in pretty patterned treat bags sealed with washi tape.

babys first christmas card

I also had to include a close up or two because you have to share the pure cuteness of your kiddo (because isn’t that what holiday photo cards are made for?) … and of course for wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season and bright and shining new year!

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our holiday picks

December 19, 2014

Our firefly team has been piling up their gift picks this past month and here are just a few goodies that are being wrapped up for their friends and family members…

cute christmas gift for grandma

I’m getting this photo block for both grandparents this year. From now on every time we get a new picture with Santa, they can put it up and display the latest picture every year. The magnet make it very easy to swap out pictures and is is super cute! $13.95

co-worker gift

I love this little guy! First, building him is therapeutic. There’s a calming effect to molding the clay. Once you decorate him the way you like, just let it go! He starts melting immediately, and in an hour or so, you can do it again! So cute! $9.95

great kids gift

I gave these story starters to my friend for her to share with her young son. He’s always telling his own stories, so what a perfect way to share his ideas with mom. $26.95

great stocking stuffer

These are super handy, slide right into any bag plus you can take them on a plane. They have more than one scent but this one is my favorite because lavender smells so good and is very relaxing. $7.95

funny coworker gift

I absolutely LOVE this sticky notepad! Any time I am using my stickies (which is quite often) to jot something down, it is always nice to smile from a quirky little quote. $4.50

fun stocking stuffer for the gals

I’m loving this trend of temporary metallic tattoos. Such a fun way to add a bit of sparkle to your life. I included these pretties in the packages I sent off to our exchange students for Christmas. A perfect stocking stuffer add on! $4.95 set of 2

wonderful hostess gift

My mom is a holiday host extraordinaire and these wine glass topper appetizer plates would make the perfect gift for her this Christmas. They fit right on top of the glass so you won’t have your hands full at this year’s holiday party. I know she would love these unique and functional accents for our big family gatherings. $21.95

custom dog tag

This is a great gift for my dog, Nyssa. She has a unique name and can never find anything with her name on it. With this she finally can! $20

 gift for a baker

You don’t have to be a baker or avid cook to love some cuteness in your kitchen. This classic mixer clock would add the perfect touch of whimsy to any kitchen wall! In fact, any of the clocks created by Washington artist, Michelle Allen, would bring a wall to life in a very fun way! $59.95

gift for girlfriend

I have quite an obsession with taking photos and this photo block is by far the perfect way to display them! It’s a great gift for anyone and will be sure add some extra flare to their office, room, kitchen, or just about anywhere! $13.95

gift for michigan lover

I love these mittens! Not only are they super cute but they’re also really warm. These would make a perfect Christmas gift for any Michigan lover out there. $26.95

wine lover gift

Instead of throwing away your wine corks, why not show them off in this unique display. A great gift for a Holiday party or for the wine lover in your life! $39.95

michigan book for kids

Love this book…. bought this for my nieces and nephews who live in Nebraska — they love it! It is a great gift for young readers and the illustrations are fabulous. $14.95

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29 ways to say thank you

December 17, 2014

Tis the time of year to show some gratitude to a variety of people in your life that make it a bit brighter.  And a few of these thoughtful goodies will do just that…

thank you gifts

thank you gifts

1.  We bet you’ll get a great hug if you give this sweet sign  $12.95

2.  Battle winter weather dry skin with this all natural, refreshing orange blossom lotion.  $10.95 

3.  Has someone been a blessing to you this past year?  $9.95

4.  It’s true ~ The best gifts DO come from the heart!  $7.95

5.  Bring the scent of the season inside with this super smelling soy candle  $9.95

6.  Stimulate your senses with a eucalyptus shower burst $4.25       

7.  Spread the love with a little seed of happiness $2

8.  Share your key to happiness $2

9.  The best style supports those in need… one reason we love these fab fair trade bracelets $9.95

10.  Stay cozy and cute with a colorful knit scarf  $24.95   



hostess gifts

hostess gifts

1.  A most magical activity to do with your party crew to celebrate the holiday $10.95

2.  A funny and useful potion to ward off any unpleasant bathroom smells  $9.95

3.  Keep an eye on what beer is yours with these silly bottle markers $5.95

4.  Pair this towel with a bottle of grape for good laughs $9.95

5.  Keep your counters clean with this absorbent and fast drying stylish Swedish dish cloth  $6.95

6.  Get the party conversation started with Christmas chat pack $10.95

7.  Live out some memorable holiday stories this year with these silly cocktail napkins $5.50

8.  Turn your favorite wine corks into a cool recycled trivet $13.95

9.  Dress up your bottle of wine with a festive wood tag that can turn into an ornament $3.95

10.  Keep one hand free more more snacking with these great wine glass toppers $21.95


teacher gifts

teacher gifts

 1.  Personalize this handmade sign with our favorite teacher’s name  $7.95

2.  Wrap up some homemade cookies in this cute snowman flour sack towel $9.95 

3.  Thanks your teacher for inspiring you to reach for the stars with this cool heat sensitive mug  $13.95

4.  This pretty pencil cup and a sentiment that will warm any teacher’s heart $13.95

5.  Fight off flu germs with a few dabs of this essential oil  $10.95

6.  What teacher doesn’t need a little pampering after a stressful day?  $11.95

7.  Googly eye push pins make any bulletin board more fun  $5.95

8.  Everyone knows teaching is a work of HEART $13.95

9.  This book is pack full of quotes that celebrate fantastic teachers  $7.95


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55 gifts for kids from tots to tweens

December 11, 2014

Looking to wrap up a fun gift for a child that’s not been advertised in numerous big box store flyers?  We have a terrific treasure trove of finds for your crew.

for teen gals

teen girl gift ideas

1.  This silly monkey will help dry your polish job in a flash $13.95

2.  Your nails will sparkle and also smell sweet with this pixy stix scented polish $8.95

3.  Make your wishes a reality with this inspiring dream box  $11.95

4.  Your doodles will jump off the pages of this black sketchbook $8.95

5.  These pastel scented gel pens really pop when used on black paper $6.95

6.  Add a little sparkle to your skin with a trendy temporary gold tattoo $4.95
 7. Create a super cute batch of critters to keep you company or to give to friends $19.99 
8. Wearing fair trade fashion feels good!  These bangles are made from recycled flip flops in Mali  $4.95 set of 5


for teen guys

teen guy gift ideas

1.  Impress your friends with this mysterious putty that changes colors before your eyes, glows in the dark and also write on it with the small black light that is included.  $15.95

2.  Why mark your pages with ordinary sticky notes when you can use mustaches$6.95

3.  Make your nephew blush when he opens up this studly smelling soap at the Christmas party  $5.95

4.  Something about passing gas and guys never gets old so this tootorial will get lots of laughs  $10.95

5.  Turn soda, juice, chocolate milk and more into a frosty treat with this cool slush mug $11.95

6.  Amplify the sound of your iphone without having to bother using a battery or electricity  $7.95


for little girls

girl gift ideas

1.  Remember fashion plates?  Share one of your favorite toys as a child with the next generation  $29.95 

2.  Become a bracelet making master with some help from Loopdedo (designed by a Michigan mom!) $34.95

3.  Got a girl with a big imagination?  Have her finish the rest of the story with this fabulous Story Starters kit $26.95

4.  Create cute sculptures you can use as erasers with this fun kit  $12.95

5.  Dress up photos of kitties dogs and more using ridiculously cute royal stickers $5.99
6.  Got a girl who is crafty?  She can make her very own recycled paper beads with this nifty kit  $11.95
7.  Transform yourself into a beautiful butterfly with these dreamy dress-up wings $18.95


for little guys

boy gift ideas

1.  Remember spirograph?  Share one of your favorite toys with the next generation  $29.95

2.  Build and rebuild this silly alien and watch him melt before your eyes  $9.95 

3.  Fine tune your listening skill for farts of all kinds in this silly sound making read $15.99 

4.  Craft and sail up to 60 sweet jets with this cool book $16.99

5.  Turn trash into robots with this earth friendly and fun kit and book  $26.95

6.  No need to wait to head to the beach… play and build with this addicting sand anytime $24.95


stocking stuffers

stocking stuffers for kids

1. Unzip your style with these cool working zipper bracelets  $3.95 

2. Build and rebuild this magical melting snowman all season long $9.95 

3.  We think pink hot chocolate tastes the best of all! $1.95

4.  Start creative conversations with your kids that will be remembered $10.95 

5.  Some classic tricks never get old.  Surprise an unsuspecting uncle with this whoopie cushion $1.95

6.  Turn any hand into a puppet with these silly finger eyes  $1.95 

 7.  Doodle fun tattoos that only stick around until your next bath  $5.95

8.  Take care of chapped lips with some yummy chocolate chip cookie flavored lip balm  $2.95

9.  What’s your mood?  Find out with a classic mood ring  $4


for toddlers

toddler gift ideas

1.  Make this adorable board book come to life with this finger puppet friend.  $6.99
2.  Remember when cameras didn’t look like phones? And had disposable flash cubes?  $19.95 

3.  Bring bedtime to life with this interactive shadow book $12.99 

4.  Like mommy – like baby… get your favorite sip on to get going in the morning $6.95

5.  Press Here is another entertaining book that truly inspires the imagination $15.99 

6.  Remember when you had to DIAL a phone? A most treasured toy that celebrates the past  $19.95


for babies

baby gift ideas

1.  Teach them to count and appreciate classic literature with this great primer $7.95

2.  Cozy up with this soft and sweet puppy dog blanket (also comes in owl) $24.95

3.  Light up your baby’s room like a star lit sky with this color changing octopus night light $19.99

4.  This fancy fox blanket has all the things babies love… tags, teethers, sounds and softness  $23.95 

5.  Babies love the crinkling sounds, textures and tails in this sweet soft book $15.95 

6.  Curious what your baby will be when they grow up?  Let Mysterio predict for you!  $14.95 


my michigan

michigan gifts for kids

1.  Teach them their ABC’s and everything that is wonderful about our state.  $17.95 

2.  Gotta future wolverine to coach?  Get them started with this 101 U of M book  $10.95
3.  This book turns that popular Christmas tune into a tour of all things Michigan  $12.95

4.  The 12 Months of Michigan is another entertaining way to learn about our state! $14.95
5.  Spring training is right around the corner so you better get ready with your Tigers 101 $10.95 

6.  If your blood runs green and you have a baby… this 101 MSU book belongs in your home  $10.95

7.  Get your little one learning about the mitten with this very popular board book  $9.95

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8 holiday washi tape projects

December 10, 2014

It’s amazing what a little colorful washi tape can do to brighten up your holiday season.  Whether it’s adorning an envelope, wall or package… it’s a perfect addition that makes things a little more festive.

holiday washi tape projects

We carry a variety of pretty patterned tapes at our locations and love all these creative uses for them.

The girls from eighteen25 make popsicle sticks chic just by covering them with tape. Add some glue and magnet and you have a lovely homemade gift.

How to Nest for Less makes plain jane glass candle holders merry and bright with a just a few wraps of washi tape.


Simple clothes pins turn super cute when they are dressed up in Christmas colors.  Perpetually Daydreaming put magnets on the back of hers for displaying holiday cards, but they also could be used as a chip clips.

Packages always look prettier when they are adorned with a fun gift tag. Making Home Base shows how easy it is to give your tag that extra punch of cheer.

52 Crafts in 52 weeks makes creating handmade Christmas cards easy. If you can cute tape, you can send these simply and stylish greetings to your friends and family.

If crafting a card takes too much time, why not dress up your envelope?  I love that the girls from 2 Berry Blog used paper bags for their envelopes (and their cards are pretty stinkin’ sweet too)

You Are My Fave wrapped these pretties for a friend’s birthday, but I love the idea of taping things to the outside of presents or labeling gifts with the recipient’s initials.

washi tape tree

If you don’t have room for a tree or want to create a little Christmas spirit in your your child’s bedroom, this idea from Chen Chen is such an adorable application of washi tape!

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60 sweet gifts for gals

December 6, 2014

Since we featured the guys in November, now it is time to focus on fun finds just for the gals. Whether you are shopping for a girlfriend, mom, grandma or sister, we’ve got the goods that will make them happy.

the gal who has everything

gifts for the woman who has everything

1.  Stay cozy this winter by hugging your mug.  Guaranteed to keep your hands toasty warm.  $21.95

2.  Celebrate your family unit in a fresh and modern way with a custom family print.  $24.95
3.  Important truths we all should remember make up this inspiring coffee table read  $15.95

4.  Leave a note, write out your buffet offerings or display a quote of the day with the dry erase board  $32.50 

5.  Skip the purse and stash a few of your essentials in this sneaky and stylish scarf  $35.95
6.  This gurgle pot will bring many giggles to all who hear it’s merry sound  $39.95

gotta love girlfriends

gifts for girl friends

1.  Celebrate your friends who are as close as family with this hand lettered chalk sign  $19.95

2.  Let your bestie know why she has earned the title Most Awesome Friend with this fun fill-in-the-blanks book  $10.95

3.  Keep a photo of your gals close by in this cute handmade photo block $13.95

4.  Now this cocktail napkin truth is one to toast to  $5.50

5.  How cute would it be to pair this magnet with some fancy cheese a bottle of wine? $5.50

6.  These amazing animal stories about friendship are guaranteed to warm your heart  $13.95

queen of the kitchen

gifts for the cook

1.  No matter how amazing the food tastes… really it’s who you share it with that makes it truly  scrumptious.  This cutting board makes a wonderful reminder of this timeless truth   $24.95

2.  Cleaning up is no fun, so you might as well make the chore a bit easier to bear with these great gloves $14.95

3.  If you enjoy your time in the kitchen, this classic mixer clock was made just for you  $59.95

4.  Skip the spoon rest and perch your kitchen tools in this handy bird roost  $5.95

5.   Why shouldn’t measuring cups be cute?  These birdies will help you with your next baking project $28.95

6.  Cover everything from pineapples to pizza with these versatile cover blubbers $3.95 – $10.95

7.  Say goodbye to your hands smelling like onions and garlic with this magic soap $10.95

little lovelies just because

stocking stuffers for friends

1.  Get your gold on with this sparkly set of trendy hair ties $12.95

2.  This little pocket mirror reminds us to smile because it is good for your soul  $3.95 

3.  Unsure what direction to take?  This pewter compass will help your heart lead the way  $17.95 

4.  Keep your cell phone screen squeaky clean with this handy cleaner that easily attached your purse or key chain  $9.95 

5.  Dress up your boots a bit by adding these cute sweater cuffs  $14.95

6.  Whooo wouldn’t love waking up to this super cute breakfast owl?  $9.95

7.  Add a little shimmer to skin this holiday season with a trendy temporary gold tattoo  $4.95 

8.  Bring a little happiness into your day with this lucky little bluebird  $3.25

it’s wine time

gifts for wine lovers

1.  Recycle your favorite wine corks into a truly trendy trivet $13.95 

2.  Why not brag about your specialized skill with this funny wine glass?  $19.95 

3.  Pair this perfectly worded magnet with a her favorite bottle of grape for a great gift  $5.50

4.  Keep your favorite wine corks on display with this clever decorative shadow box  $39.95 

5.  Chill your wine to the perfect temp and pour right through this cool corkcicle $24.95 

6.  Free your hands to eat appetizers with these handy wooden wine glass plates  $21.95 

7.  Dress you your bottle with some glitter and words to ring in the season $3.95 

pamper me please

pampering gifts for gals

 1.  Can’t wait for nails to dry?  This cheeky monkey will take care of that for you.  $13.95

2.  Treat your extra dry spots this season with an all natural skin stick  $7.95 

3.  Turn an ordinary shower into a aromatherapy spa experience with one of these shower bursts  $4.25 

4.  Suds up using this handcrafted soap with scents of hyacinth, lily of the valley and wisteria  $5.95

5.  Send shivers up your spine with this simple, yet stimulating head tingler $7.95 

6.  Say goodbye to dry hands and hello to a soft citrus smell that will make your paws feel refreshed  $10.95 

7.  Take the winter grey away and cozy up your home with a fresh scented soy candle  $9.95

gifts to lift the spirit

inspirational gifts

1.  Let your light shine with this sweet sign created by Michigan artist, Katie Doucette $7.95

2.  Accessorize and show your love to those who are in need of clean drinking water when you purchase a mudlove bracelet  $6.95 

3.  Help Haitians by giving this super smooth hand carved riverstone heart as a gift  $6.95

4. This photo block is the perfect reminder of all the blessings that surround you $13.95 

5.  Write down your important prayers and treasure them in this lovely box  $11.95 

6.  Artist, Kelly Rae Roberts says it best with this love wide cross $15.95 

7.  Get inspired by the power of giving with this heart warming read $14.99

aren’t grandmas great?

gifts for grandma

1.  This little trinket dish is perfect for placing rings in while doing the dishes and whenever grandmas looks at it, she’ll be reminded of your love  $9.95

2.  Gather up a favorite photo of the grandkids and surprise her with this lovely handcrafted magnetic photo frame  $27.95  (can also be personalized for $3 more)

3.  Grandkids say the darnedest things don’t they?  Record these memories so they will last a life time in this special journal  $14.95 

4.  Gotta child that likes to draw?  Have them illustrate this super silly and fun book just for grandma  $11.95 

5.  Just in case your grandma needs to be reminded that… TGIF  $8.95 

6.  Get a great picture of all this littles ones this holiday for this fun photo block  $13.95

love the mitten

michigan gifts

1.  Trim your tree with a little love from Michigan  $9.95 

2.  Make your next batch of sugar cookies shaped like our great state  $4.95

3.  Display one of your favorite Michigan memories with this magnet pic clip $7.95

4.  Mix up your boring dinner menu with this jam packed book filled with the best recipes  complied from a variety of popular Michigan cookbooks  $16.95 

5.  Start your morning out right… with a hot cup of coffee and love for our great state  $10.95 

6.  Get your party conversation started with fun questions about Michigan that encourage your guests to get chatting about their favorite places, events and more  $10.95  

7.  Now you really can use your hand for map of Michigan with these great mittens $26.95

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a cappella holidays

December 5, 2014

I am always amazed by a cappella groups that sound like a full band and always look forward watching the short season of The Sing Off in the month of December.  We’ve loaded up our shop playlists this month with an assortment of these talented groups.


Have yourself a listen to some of our favorites…

We’ll start out with the most famous group, Pentatonix.  With the holidays being stressful for so many, I love how they build this classic tune over the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” beat.

Home Free was last year’s winner of the Sing Off and their new Christmas album is beautiful.  They really had fun with the title song too :-)

Exit 245 takes the Mariah Carey classic and turns it into a guy’s groove.

This cheeky original from Gentleman’s Rule is a fun one to add to your playlist.

We can’t leave the girls out of the mix.  Noteworthy brings beauty to this classic.

Eclipse 6 rocks it out with Train’s new Christmas classic.

Straight No Chaser has a large library of favorite holiday tunes, but their most recent song featuring Michigan native, Kristen Bell has fun with the reality of what Christmas greetings look like today.

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secret santa gift guide

December 1, 2014

Do you have a co-worker of friend to surprise this season?   Line up some sweet, silly and useful gifts that will have them wondering who is the gift guru behind the scenes.

under $5

secret santa gift ideas

1.  Who couldn’t use a positive message from this cute pocket mirror?  $3.95

2.  Add a little glam to your holiday style with trendy temporary gold tattoos  $4.95
3.  Spread some cheer with a seed of happiness $2

4.  Get you jingle on with this colorful and happy ring  $3.95

5.  Take note ~ You’re not delusional… you just need a little extra caffeine  $4

6.  This mini laser gun will help take out any of your annoying enemies  $4.95

7.  Keep your lips soft, smooth and tasting like chocolate with this brownie balm  $2.95

8.  Keep your important pills hidden away in this hilarious giant pill case  $4.95

9.  Take on your headache with a little help from some steamy aromatherapy  $4.25

10.  The iconic taste of Fruit Stripe gum will transport you to your childhood instantly  $1.95

11.  Clown noses have a magical way of lightening any mood  $4.95

under $8

secret santa gifts

1.  Impress waiters and friends with you dollar bill origami skills $5.95

2.  Take the stress away with this spin shivering head tingler  $7.95
3.  Wear jewelry that makes a difference with these fair trade bracelets  $5.95

4.  Say goodbye to dry hands with this all natural citrus lotion that smells fabulous  $5.95

5.  Showcase your favorite holiday photos and cards with these cute maget pic clips $7.95

6.  Grab a little inspiration from Curly Girl all year long with this sweet small calendar  $7.99

7.  Treat your most dry spots with this healing all natural lavendar skin stick  $7.95

8.  Keep your nails looking nice on the go with this pretty emery board set  $5.95

9.  Never forget another password again with some help from this great logbook  $7.95

under $13

 secret santa gifts

1.  Take your nervous energy out on this addicting twiddle  $10.95

2.  This dish towel is a good reminder that wine is your friend during the holiday season  $9.95

3.  A most funny and practical way to keep your bathroom smelling sweet  $9.95

4.  Keep your car smelling spiffy with this sweet air freshener set  $8.95

5.  This magical melting snowman is entertaining for young and old alike  $9.95

6.  Make a wish and send it to the heavens with this magical wish paper $10.95

7.  This pocketmonkey will turn you into a Macgyver!  $12.95

8.  More malleable putty that relieves stress and changes colors as you play with it  $11.95

9.  This soy candle makes the season smell extra sweet $9.95

under $20

secret santa gift ideas

1.  Never tire of sending the same notecard when you have 20 different pics to choose from $14.95

2.  Stay warm, stylish and still be able to access your smart phone with these comfy gloves  $19.95

3.  Keep a photo of your favorite place or person nearby to help you get through those not-so-fun days $13.95

4.  Finally a coffee cup that expresses how one feels in the morning  $13.95

5.  Tape dispensers don’t come any cuter than this snazzy snail  $16.50

6.  Everyone has those dammit doll days now and then!  $13.95

7.  Celebrate all the little awesome things that make this world a happy place to be  $16

8.  Ever have one of those days you need a WHOLE bottle of wine?  Here is the glass for it $16.50 

Still looking for more?  SHOP ALL SECRET SANTA GIFTS HERE

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6 mocha recipes to warm your heart and soul

November 29, 2014

Looking for a quick pick-me-up? A delicious mocha fits the bills whether it’s your morning starter or a nice indulgence in the afternoon. There are quite a few variations on this classic drink.


Now you can skip the coffee shop once in a while and try a few of these at home thanks to these fellow bloggers…

If you love the combination of salty and sweet flavors, check out Carissa’s recipe for a Salted Caramel Mocha on her blog-Pretty Hungry. The added saltreally brings out the flavor of the other ingredients.

Calling all coconut lovers! Sandra from Sandra’s Easy Cooking used coconut oil to create her Coconut Mocha Latte. It’s sure to be a real treat for your tastebuds.

mocha Make way for this rich and velvety Creamy Triple Chocolate Mocha created by Alexandra of A Bright Eyed Baker. She includes directions for fresh whipped cream which really take this drink over the top!

Looking for low-carb or gluten free? Then head over to All Day I Dream About Food to get the scoop on how to make this Low Carb Raspberry Truffle Mocha. It will warm you right down to your toes!

Here’s one for the grown-ups…Evan from The WannaBe Chef combined Irish Cream and Amaretto to create this Hot Amaretto Mocha. You can also make a non-alcoholic version using coffee creamer along with a splash for almond extract for the younger crowd.

My favorite flavor of the season is peppermint, so no mocha recipe post would be complete without a mention of mint. Kimberly from A Night Owl Blog explains how to whip up her version here. (And don’t forget to sprinkle the crushed peppermint on top!)

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one of kind keepsakes

November 28, 2014

When you start thinking about that long list of blessings to be thankful for this season, it’s no surprise that family is usually the first few lines.  What better way to celebrate those closest to you with a personalized gift that is made just for them?

for mom

handmade personalized gifts

Put your family unit in a frame with this pretty typography graphic print $24.95

Keep your kiddos close to your heart with this hand stamped sterling silver necklace  $104 as pictured
Take that cute instagram family shot off your phone and showcase it on this handcrafted frame  $30.95

for couples

personalized gifts for couples

Celebrate an anniversary, engagement or special milestone with a custom wording on a handmade frame  $30.95

Showcase a special date in an artful way with this stunning metallic print of vintage cash register keys $49.95

Skip carving your initials into a tree and get them on this fun photo block instead  $16.95

favorite place

personalized map gifts

Keep your favorite vacation spot in plain view with a cute custom clip frame  $16.95

Where do you call home?  Mark your city with a copper heart and a photograph of your family  $28.50

What do you love most about your state?  Showcase your favorite image with this LOVE map frame $30.95

for grandma

personalized gifts for grandma

Let your grandparents know how much you love them with this one of a kind photo frame  $30.95

Let grandma count her blessings by the number of birthstones on this simple, yet stunning sterling silver hand stamped necklace  $100 as pictured

Proud grandparents can show off their grandkids with this stylish and modern print  $24.95

for pet lovers

personalized pet gifts

Remember a dearly loved pet or proclaim your puppy-love with a personalized name on this handmade photo frame $38.50  (also available in cat style)

Add a little personalized bling to your pet’s collar with a handsome hand stamped tag  $24 as pictured

Take your favorite filtered pet pic off your phone and display it in real life on this  cute handmade clip frame $16.95 (also available in dog style)


Do you like giving gifts that will turn into keepsakes? We’re happy to share some of our unique ideas.  Simply sign up to receive these blog posts in your email and you’ll be in the loop & get our latest scoop.

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