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6 super tips for better vacation photos

July 22, 2014

Here’s something you might want to read before your set out on the open road this summer…whether you rely on your smartphone to snap your vacation photos or carry along a digital camera, this useful advice will take your photos to the next level.

vacation photo tips

Have you ever successfully captured fireworks on your camera?–keep reading to get the scoop on everything from special lighting situations to creating a great family photo.

Amy from She Wears Many Hats has a nice blog post on different tools and stresses the importance of getting to know your own camera.

Do your summer plans include a visit to Disney? Then get set to get wet and find  all of the photo tips you’ll need over at Capturing Magic.  A photopass sounds like the way to go :) —read all about it here.


The whole family photo thing not really working out for you?  Find out How to Look Awesome in Family Vacation Photos from Peanut Blossom (advice courtesy of Jessica Gwozdz).

I have to admit, I’ve never attempted taking a photo underwater, but after seeing the amazing results over on  The Handmade Home –I think it’s time to try. Martin of Britsnap Photography gives some very insightful tips on capturing some great shots at the pool and beach.

When those beautiful colors light up the night sky, you’ll be ready to get a great photo…just make sure your read Michelle’s post on How to Photograph Fireworks over on Decor and the Dog.

And, last but not least–once you’ve got all these great vacation photos, don’t just leave them sitting in your camera. Aniko from Place of my Taste will walk you through the easy process of organizing your photos from start to finish. Once that’s done, printing your treasured memories will be a breeze!

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get your game on in the great outdoors

July 15, 2014

We’ve found the cure for summertime blues…by now you’ve probably heard more than once, “Mom, I’m bored!”

summer fun activities

It’s time to take the fun outside and with these entertaining games you can get the entire family in on the action.

Now you can take this great family classic and play it on your lawn. Half of the fun with this DIY Yard Yahtzee is making the game pieces.  Roll on over to The Pinning Mama to get the full instructions on making this for your own family.

Everyone will love taking their turn at this DIY Ring Toss Game. Sara from Mom Endeavors points out that this is perfect for summer picnics and family reunions.

Wanna learn how to turn your backyard into a giant gameboard? Create a Giant Lawn Matching Game using cork tiles and spray paint. Kelly spills all her secrets for making this kid-friendly game on her blog, Studio DIY (along with all the printables for creating the shapes on the game pieces).

Here’s a great use for baby food jar lids (or any other jar lids that you may have saved up)…Sidewalk Chalk Checkers. According to Rebecca, all you need is sandpaper, paint/paint brushes, and sidewalk chalk to construct this gameboard in front of your own home.

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without adding a few bubbles into the mix. But, these Rainbow Bubble Snakes aren’t just your ordinary bubbles! Head over to Housing A Forest to find out how easy it is to incorporate this fun activity into your next free sunny afternoon :)


Who needs a pool when the kids can play all day with these Sponge Bombs? Splishing, puddle splashing, and sponge bomb tag are just a few of the ways Erika’s kids found to enjoy these wet wonders. She explains how cheap and easy it is to make these on her blog~Musings from a Stay At Home Mom.

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a song for summer adventures

July 8, 2014

I was happy to stumble upon this delightful ditty while perusing through Relevant magazine’s current collection of indie pop.

A review reads, “This Is An Adventure gives listeners a second look at a band that could have been typecast as “indie-folk;” however, they manage to successfully mix their roots with their ambitions to create a sonically enjoyable, altogether interesting and unpretentious sound.”

Take a listen to The Lighthouse and the Whaler for yourself… and get wonderfully lost in this stunning season of summer!

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