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October 19, 2014

Whether you want to deal out tempting treats, teasing tricks or dress up your costume… here are a few finds for your happy Halloween visitors.  First, the tricks…

halloween tricks

1.  Turn these gummy bugs into fireflies when you pick them up with magical lighted tongs $2

2.  Record your voice and play it back at high or low speeds for hijinks and hilarities  $16.95

3.  Whoopee cushions… one of the oldest tricks in the book!  $1.95

4. For more farting fun you will need to add the fartzooka to your arsenal  $9.95

5.  Twist and turn this putty and the colors will morph before your eyes  $11.95

6.  Snap crackle and pop these on your driveway for old time fun  $.75

7.  Can’t eat all your candy?  Use it for science experiments!  $14.99

8.  Who wouldn’t love an extra million in the bank?  ;-)  $.95

9.  Create this silly monster and watch him slowly melt into a blob of goo  $9.95

And some treats…

halloween treats

1.  This fluffy guinea pig is the perfect sized pet and requires no cage cleaning $12.95

2.  Boomerang + Helicopter = Fun Times $8.95

3.  Your fingernails won’t only look great, but also smell sweet with this great glitter polish $8.95

4.  Classic candy with a surprise fizz!  $2.25 for 3 packs

5.  Happy or sad… this mood ring will tell what attitude you have  $4

6.  Best tasting striped gum ever made $1.95

7.  Shoot monster eyeballs to keep zombies away!  $11.95

8.  How does this magical story end?  It’s up to you!  $6.99

9.  Ward off any visiting aliens with this menacing mini space gun $4.95

Dress up fun…

halloween costume fun

1.  Don’t want to clown around with a costume, just keep this handy nose in your pocket $4.95

2.  Doodle some colorful tattoos to add to your hippie or gypsy garb $5.95

3.  Color your own butterfly masks for a one of a kind design $11.99

4.  Add this mask to some cardboard boxes and tinfoil and you’ll have a really cool robot  $11.99

5.  Add a talking pet to your costume creation with these fun hand tattoos $6.95

6.  Draw your face on with these washable body doodlers $8.95

7.  Fly away with loads of candy with these pretty fairy wings  $18.95

8.  Turn your hand into a googly eyed friend  $1.95

9.  Need a few extra eyes for your alien design?  Look no further $8.95

Looking for more ideas… Shop ALL HALLOWEEN HERE

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7 scary science experiments for little learners

October 14, 2014

It’s always helpful when you can incorporate a little fun with learning. Since we are in the midst of Halloween season, we thought it would be perfect to scare up a few creepy science experiments that teach as well as entertain.

spooky science experiments

These inventive experiments use mostly common household items…  so, let the spine-chilling & spooky lessons begin!

Malia of Playdough to Plato shows you how easy it is to teach the concept of a convection current with her adorable Flying Tea Bag Ghosts. She recommends using a bag that’s slightly on the thicker side (such as Tazo) for the best results.

Notice anything strange about these heads of Napa cabbage? These Vegetable Vampires have got a little capillary action going on! You’ll find this and lots of other fun experiments in Liz Heinecke’s book, Kitchen Science Lab for Kids.

You can turn a package of gummy worms into Electric Eeels! To find out the secret behind this wacky and weird experiment, head over to the Bitz & Giggles Blog where Sara tells all.

Transform your jack-o-lantern into an amazing Erupting Pumpkin with a little baking soda and vinegar. Just add your  own choice of food coloring for a spectacular show.

How can you make a paper ghost dance? With the magic of static electricity! Grab some tissue paper and a balloon, then  head over to  Inspiration Laboratories to get all the details on this fun project.

Ready to explore the different parts of the brain? You’ll find 5 Messy Ways to Play Brain Surgery on the Left Brain Craft Brain Blog.

Steph from Crafting In The Rain demonstrates how you can use Dry Ice to make a quarter dance and a hammer squeal. Sound like your kind of fun? Then definitely check out her demo videos here.

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wine time gift guide

October 13, 2014

Have a little fun with your glass of grape with some of these clever goodies for wine lovers.

wine time gift guide

1.  Does your glass of grape make you a little tipsy?  These whimiscal wine glasses won’t mind  $25.95 for a set of two

2.  Celebrate your favorite wines by showcasing the corks in the creative shadow box  $39.95

3.  Transform empty bottles into cool candle holders with these clever cork candles $9.95

4.  Keep your table looking tip top and give your guests a grin with these coasters $18.95

5.  No need to decide when is a good time for a glass of wine with this clock $59.95

6.  This cool trivet gives your wine corks a new purpose $13.95

7.  Cool your wine to the perfect temp and aerate it when you pour through this corkcicle air $24.95

8.  This magical Vinoventi will take the taste of your wine to the next level $39.95

9.  Eat h’orderves with ease using these wood wine glass tapas plates $21.95 set of 4

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